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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


George Offerman

As reported on the Les Femmes site, the personhood bill was killed in the Virginia house of delegates committee due to two of the Republicans Delegates Albo (R Springfield) and Kilgore (R-Wise) voting no, due mainly to the VCC’s refusal to support this bill. This leaves a black mark on the two Virginia Bishops, Paul Loverde of Arlington, and Francis DiLorenzo of Richmond. See link:


It is not surprising that either of these Bishops did not back this legislation, as both have had histories of betraying magisterial teachings, with Bishop Loverde having pro lifers arrested fro distributing catholic teachings before the election, and serving communion to baby killers in his diocese. Bishop DiLorenzo has the scandal of Catholic Charities of Richmond taking a ward of the state for an abortion and covering it up.

The personhood bill is about the most effective way to end legalized child killing out there, and the Virginia Catholic Conference, along with the two Bishops, have effectively betrayed the pro life movement, Catholicism, and the efforts of those who put their heart and soul behind the efforts to get this passed. It is unclear as to the exact reason the two Bishops have opted to not support this bill, but it is becoming clearer that these men are not looking out for the best interests of women and unborn children, but their own comfort and convenience. It is shameful that they have disobeyed magisterial teachings in lieu of taking a possibly uncomfortable, but moral position on this issue.

While the two Bishops of Virginia continue to want to hide behind ambiguous statements and contradictory behaviors, it is time for good Catholics of Virginia to defund the Virginia Catholic Conference. It seems the only color these two Bishops see is green, and the only language they understand incorporates the names of dead presidents. So we Catholics of Virginia need to speak their language and see the world in their color and send them a resounding message that ‘enough is enough”.

The language the Church seems to understand loud and clear is the reduction of charitable giving, and it is in this that we the laity have leverage. If the church wants to act in a secular fashion, they should go to the government for funding. If the Church is afraid of losing their tax exempt status and the IRS, then they can go fund raise at the IRS. If the church is going to cave in to this government, with their immoral and unethical laws, then the Church should just make it official and become state sponsored. God’s laws supersede man’s in matters of faith and morals, and if the church wants to play confused in this arena, let them fend for themselves.

When money and funding sources become more important than the integrity of the churches teachings in matters of faith and morals, then it is time to remove this impediment or “god’ from the source of power, and take back what is rightfully ours. The Bishops have no excuse in not fighting for the babies lives, and it is scandalous that they have not supported the personhood amendment. It is difficult to know what exactly motivates them to say little to nothing, but one thing is for sure: it is not biblical or holy.

All of the pushing social agendas by the Church hold no water, when the same body believes that saving babies is minimally equivalent to poverty, economy, health related issues, so called global warming and such. In many instances, it is seen as inferior, and overlooked when their favorite politicians are in town, and they get invited to posh parties. No, there is little incentive to rock the boat, and expect Catholics to act like Catholics, and selling out has become the norm for this group. The Apostles would be very ashamed and embarrassed by the current crop of ‘Shepherds”. Defund them. It’s what they understand.

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