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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


George Offerman

Sometimes there are events in life that require some pondering and make one wonder if what is going on has ‘coincidental’ ties. I have lived in this are nearly 27 years now, and have not seen winter weather like this and to have hit an amount of snow not seen in a century, with possibly 20 more inches later today and tomorrow, has me thinking “What is going on here”. I will give full credit to my wife, Kathy, who first made this connection with the meetings that were supposed to take place on Feb 7-10

We are in the midst of unprecedented weather phenomena here in the Nation’s capital having back to back nor’easters, and according to the meteorologists is a phenomena not seen before in this area. Simultaneously, there is (was) a very controversial and scandalous four day event sponsored by the USCCB in which there were several groups to speak and present on topics ranging from abortion rights, pro child killing politicians receiving communion, same sex marriage, women’s ordination and other ‘progressive’ issues. This story has been well covered and followed by American Life League (ALL), and they have sourced pew sitter. Link below


One would have to wonder if God finally took some matters into his own hands. Looking at the lineup of this event, one could not help but come to the conclusion that this whole fiasco is nothing but stench in the nostrils of God, and of the highest evil magnitude for his church. It seems the Bishops continue to show they are indifferent to the teachings of the Church, and pay little to no attention to the Vatican and what they should be safeguarding. The Bishops seem too preoccupied with their own reputations and seeking approval of those who could care less about the Churches teachings and beliefs. They cannot claim ignorance to this, and are ultimately responsible and accountable for the speakers and content presented.

I don’t remember seeing a time in which the Federal Government closed for two days, the airports closed much of the time, public transportation virtually shut down, and for those trying to drive into the city, no way to get into the side streets, very little parking and absolutely no street parking. And on top of that, more to come, just in time to disrupt the final day or two of this disastrous event. This area is truly paralyzed, and I am very confident that if this event has gone on, it is having the attendance it deserves.

There are many who may disagree with these sentiments, and wonder if God would paralyze a whole region to stop such a scandal from occurring. I, for one, believe He would, and Scripture has many accounts in which God has intervened in the affairs of men to make his point. The question that really should be pondered is: Are we listening?

Most will write this off as a coincidence and see this snow as a nuisance, versus a warning to be heeded. There can sure be a lot worse that could happen other than 3-4 feet of snow to contend with, and it may be a signal of things to come if we continue promoting scandal as if it were legitimate teachings and true ways of our faith. When will the Bishops ‘get it’ and begin to reign in the scandal they are promoting and work on teaching the Faith as it is?

It also makes one wonder how long suffering our God is, and when he may finally run out of patience. As aggravated as many are getting by the weather, how would we deal with an event of the magnitude of Haiti? We can barely handle the snow here, and runs on food and other items, gas and power outages have shown how vulnerable we really are. Would we even recognize these events as redemptive or punitive? Or would we continue on with the status quo, or even blame God for not watching over us?

Any way one wants to look at this, the weather events of the past weekend, coupled with what is coming in the next few hours is unprecedented. The effects of this event will at least disappear with warm weather and we all may have ‘fond’ memories once the hot and humid weather returns. But it would be good for us to ponder how ‘coincidental’ these storms are, given what was taking place in the nation’s Capital, and how scandalous it truly is.

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