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Thursday, February 4, 2010


George Offerman

I am going to make some predictions. I am going to be writing a new series about an organization, and I, along with Randall Terry, will experience an ever increasing amount of slander, lies, innuendos and possibly direct assault from those that are responsible for much of the poor behavior exhibited up to this point. Issues that should have been resolved in the quiet and privately, have been carried into the open, and it seems only fair that if allegations are made, they should be backed up with facts, and should be done publicly given the allegations had been made public first. It is heartbreaking to have to deal with such matters, when the fight should be with the enemy.

It is a very sad commentary, indeed, when bad behavior dominates the conversation over the issues, and it is actually disheartening when it is coming from Christians who should know better. I’m referring to the past week, in which there have been serious allegations made about Randall Terry and statements he did not make, but many have put words in his mouth. Likewise, there have been very clear statements made by Randall Terry that are totally ignored. Talk about a great ‘switch and bait’ scheme.

I have also come under personal attack by a few ‘disgruntled’ Christians, but I have had many come out of the ‘woodwork’ to support me, and to also give testimony against those spearheading the false innuendos, and threats made by them. It truly is a sad commentary in which these supposed Christians in good standing can make threats to harm one’s reputation, amongst other things, and really believe they are doing God’s will. I, even for a second, do not believe they are doing the will of the Lord, but then again, I cannot personally relate to how someone can deliberately trash, lie and threaten another human being, and then try to justify this behavior in the name of the Lord.

I will pose this to the reader: Is it gossip to discuss issues, such as the Roeder trial, in which one may have a point of view that is different than what another thinks? Is it gossip to point out unchristian behavior, when this behavior is targeted at someone in the public arena? Is it gossip to address issues, when one makes false accusations against another? Are we really supposed to stay quiet, and if so, who is the arbiter of that decision and on what grounds? There have been some out there who do attack, then cry foul when simply called out on their bad behavior. We are mandated to try to settle matters in a Christian format, which includes going to those in private, but when those same people decide to attack in a public venue, the Christian has a right to defend their reputation. In fact in the Catholic tradition, it is immoral to NOT defend yourself, when one deliberately attempts to ruin another’s reputation.

Many have attempted to resolve the issues I will be writing about in the next several weeks in a private and Biblical fashion, and have received nothing back but ridicule, insults, lies and threats. They have been given ample opportunity to resolve these issues in a non threatening way, and I and many others would have been extremely happy to have done so if it was possible. My belief is that these people have no interest in resolving these issues, and seem to be going out of the way to make this as destructive as possible. I also don’t care to be threatened and have others make threats towards those they want to destroy. I also cannot stand bullies, and frankly these individuals are acting as if they live on a playground behind a school, and call the shots by using tactics that put a smile on the devil’s face.

It is a sad commentary that those making the greatest noise about others are guilty of nearly the same thing they themselves are accusing us of. In the end, it will be they themselves that will be found wanting, as a lie can never be the truth. It will be them that will be isolated, insignificant, irrelevant and inconsequential, as they attempt to make themselves look good by ruining others. Wolves in sheep clothing need to be outed, and if it turns out that any of them are maligned, I can vouch that I’m willing to admit to making a mistake, and will do what I can to resolve the situation. However, based on past experiences and behaviors, these individuals do not have the intention to be willing to admit to their errors, and will only intensify their behaviors as they are called out.

So it is in this light that I will make some predications. As I progress with the writings I plan on doing, the attacks on both Randall Terry and I will increase exponentially. I will write about facts, and they will get personal, and come from every angle imaginable. They will write slanderous things about character, and even go to the level of attacking the family. They will throw out information that will be outright lies; they may even go to the extreme of manufacturing stories, images, and even making up fake profiles on sites such as face book, to spin their web of deceit.

But in the end, it is all smoke and mirrors, and they will be exposed for the frauds and pretenders that they are. It will be abundantly clear to the readers that the main purpose for the seek and destroy methodology used by these individuals is motivated by pride and jealousy. They are not producing the results they are claiming, and must use any means possible to bring down those that are getting the job done. What a shame, and all in the name of our blessed Lord.

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