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Thursday, February 18, 2010


George Offerman

While the debates rage on about how to deal with the present situations in the pro life movement, very little attention seems to be paid to the theology behind the thought processes and philosophy of the pro life movement. This is most evident in the idea of glossing over the debate about blood guilt, and the fact that God has given very clear laws pertaining to the slaughtering of the innocent, and the idea that shed innocent blood does cry from the ground, and needs to be avenged.

This theology is at best, minimized, and at worst, denied. The idea of blood guilt and the justice of God goes very contrary to what is being taught by most mainstream Christian Churches, and essentially leaves many very uncomfortable if challenged in their lukewarm ideologies, and comfortable lifestyles. If we take a simple and honest look at scripture, we will begin to see a pattern in which God is the originator of law, and the ultimate judge of the law. Throughout scripture, God has intervened in history to stop the spread of sin, when the church, his representative on earth, fails to do its job.

One often hears how God would not judge us, and the Old Testament times are ancient history. This is a great mischaracterization of God’s nature, as He is unchanging, and knows the beginning from the end, unlike us. It is taught from the pulpits and embraced by our comfort and convenience oriented culture, and is quite woven into its fabric. It is too inconvenient to think about God’s Judgment, and most would rather believe that in the end, we all make it into heaven, and essentially, can pretty much do what we want until then.

This is a grave error. Yes, God is merciful, as has been demonstrated by our 37 year track record of failure and compromise, but this is not a permanent condition. God also balances mercy with judgment, which is essential if God is truly pure love. Love dictates the defense of the weak and infirmed, and the innocent. This love can and does include the destruction of the guilty, as is demonstrated in the Old Testament, and in Revelation in the New Testament.

Scripture is very clear that when God’s patience wears out with mankind, He breaks into history and judges. Judgment can take many different forms, but usually, death is involved, and it is targeted at the perpetrators. The problem is that we no longer see ourselves as perpetrators, but rather as sophisticated, caring, non judgmental people, and believe that a loving God will not do anything against us. Again, this is a mischaracterization of God’s nature, and one that very well may be experienced very soon. It is shameful that the church no longer teaches these truths, and would rather allow the majority of Christians to live a life of ignorance and mediocrity than to be loving, and teach the truth.

Those who want to hold to the ‘fact’ that Jesus abolished the law upon his death and resurrection are gravely mistaken. Jesus himself stated “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the law until everything is accomplished. Matt 5:17-18. As we can see, there is still an earth, and the end has not yet come, so all is not fulfilled. This is apparent in the many warnings in Revelation pertaining to Babylon and the mark, and culminates in Jesus slaughter (capital punishment) of all the evil people at the time of the second coming. So for people to make the statement that Jesus is all love, and without a sense of justice, and would and does not judge is in great error.

Blood guilt is a difficult and sobering topic, and too often gets in the way of convenience and comfort, and is dismissed too quickly by the mainstream Christian churches and pro life movement. It is very evident in the fact that incrementalism reigns supreme, and the majority see it as acceptable that the Church and pro life movement does not go for the total defeat of legalized child killing in one fell swoop. This is a lack of faith, but more importantly, it demonstrates the poverty of thought in these organizations, and when the consequences of these actions occur, neither will be ready for them.

Blood Guilt requires expiation, and although it is true that one can be forgiven for sinful behavior, that individual or group must still deal with the consequences of the sin. The consequences and debt of 52 million deaths is still outstanding, and like it or not, we will have to pay this price. By refusing to change the laws and end legalized child killing, we make ourselves co conspirators with the killers, and will be held accountable for the lack of actions on our part. Every day that we do little, we heap more coals on our heads, and increase the price of the consequences. This is theology that is not taught in the mainstream churches, and it may be a very common topic of conversation very soon if we don’t repent and change our ways.

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