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Monday, January 3, 2011


George Offerman

A small group of us had the great privilege to spend several hours with Dr. Alan Keyes yesterday. Dr. Keyes has one of the sharpest minds and intellect of anyone I have had the pleasure in meeting, and the topic he chose to speak about was the aspects of the future of our republic, and how faith plays a role in this. I will attempt to convey the essence of the talk in as much as one can condense hours of information in a blog entry by one of the most eloquent speakers in this Country.

Dr. Keyes focused on the phrase “In God we trust” adopted in 1952. This phrase encapsulated the premise held by the founding fathers, along with generations of people throughout history, and is being lost by the current generation of politicians and ‘sophisticated thinkers’ of the time. Somehow, our technological advances has given way to the idea we are better and smarter than our predecessors, and take for granted that all of our achievements have been based upon our own efforts, and not attributed to God. This thinking, unfortunately, has bled into modern Christianity, and seems to be adopted by most of the churches, and taught as truth.

Dr. Keyes then went into a wonderful exposition on the history of this country, and discussed how the pilgrims, then founders, and those who settled the west had to operate on the principle of ‘In God we trust’ on a daily basis, because there was so much unpredictability and uncertainty, yet these people went on and did great things, due to walking in faith, not by sight. There was no disconnection between natural law and consequences of violating natural law as we see today, and most of the communities were homogenous in their understandings of right and wrong, and were able to successfully self govern and take care of most of their own issues. The idea of government dictating right and wrong, and determining what the citizens of community could and could not do would be foreign to them, but would also be completely rejected by them.

Dr. Keyes went to great length to discuss the aspects of how our society is bent on socialism and the term freedom has become perverted in the sense it is now a catch phrase for those who want to impose their views onto the majority, and usually need the court system to accomplish this. He went on to discuss that it is the media and powers that be have constructed the current environment in which the majority are lead to believe they are the minority in their views, and need to keep their views to themselves. Dr. Keyes believes wholeheartedly that both the legalized child killing, and homosexual marriage advocates are in the minority, and most Americans find both practices repulsive.

He then went on to discuss the need for true and clear leadership that is based upon Godly principles and to work out the fear issues when standing up for these beliefs. Most Americans will not take on a leadership role, but still understand at their core, what is right and wrong, and may be lead to the battle field by seeing others willing to stand up for what is right, and actively oppose the powers that be. Dr. Keyes sees this as the modern day Christians ‘call to battle’ and those willing to engage in the battle need to stand forth in truth and conviction.

Dr. Keyes then covered what appears to be a sham concerning the ‘tea party’ which he is convinced is a MSM hijacking of the real American spirit, which was truly about the nature of out of control government, and the ever such increasing socialism that is taking over. Dr. Keyes discussed how the town hall meetings demonstrated passion and anger at the government before anyone decided to name this movement, and before Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich jumped in to take over the group and use the momentum and numbers to their advantage. If the tea party and the movement in general is not focused on elimination of socialism in this country, then it is more of a distraction from the real issue, and that is of the elite taking over the rest of the institutions to complete the tyrannical form of government desired for this country, and the form of government well known throughout history.

Dr. Keyes also touched upon the seeming lack of urgency in these matters, along with a sense that people don’t know where the battles are, and are not encouraged to be in the battles at all, looking more towards the ‘hired guns’ to do their fighting for them. The battle cry must be sounded, and men must show up to fight, but the war also must be defined, and the attitude going into battle must be that of total victory and no compromise. Dr. Keyes seems to be optimistic concerning the idea that Americans can wake up to this reality and do something, but he also equally warned the time is short, and the need to act is now.

Overall, this evening of wisdom was worth the time and gave much to ponder over the next several months to years. Dr. Keyes thoughts have been mirrored in some of these posts over the past year, and the need to live by faith that is not seen is of greater importance than listening to the ‘talking heads’ who tell lies in order to delude the majority into thinking their instincts about matters of decency and morality are ‘abnormal’. It is time we truly live by the slogan “In God we trust” and not only fight for our rights, but more importantly, for what is right.

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