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Thursday, February 10, 2011


George Offerman

I am even amazed at the zeal and nature of attacks directed at Randall Terry since he announced his intent to run against Obama in the Democratic primaries. I fully expected a significant number of ‘hit’ pieces from the pro deathers, but their pieces have been rather tame compared to the efforts of some on the so called ‘pro life ‘side. Some on the pro life side have been so vicious, that it seems these people reflect more of a sociopathology than Christian Charity, and don’t even bother to do any ‘fact checking’ in their allegations. It is this active sin of character assassination that is most bothersome, and those guilty of this again are hiding behind the Christianity moniker to pull off their hits.

It never ceases to amaze me that it is people who have not had any contact with Randall Terry in years that are making accusations about his current situation. I often wonder if the situation were reversed, how these individuals would deal with someone bringing up false charges, misinterpreted events in the past, or simply outright lies intended to assassinate their character. I have found that when I simply call these people out on their bad behaviors, they squeal like greased pigs, and somehow believe the can call the wrath of God onto me, as if I committed the ‘unpardonable sin’. Many of these people seem to be so narcissistic, they cannot see past their own shortcomings and faults, but want to go after anyone who would appear to be getting the attention they crave so desperately.

It also amazes me how many in the pro life movement give any credibility to these malicious malevolents when it seems like a matter of such simple common sense. I wonder if the average individual bothers to do any due diligence of any matter nowadays, or if it is gossip they seem to enjoy and relish. It seems we have lost our ability to differentiate between criticism of issues, versus personal attacks, and between past and present events. We are all broken vessels, and as such, all need the Grace of Jesus Christ to function in his will. How does gossip and character assassination fit into the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ? I would like those who openly ‘assassinate’ a Christian in good standing to explain to me, and others, how this fits into the plans of Heaven, and of God and Jesus Christ. I would also like to know from the pro lifers, who read this garbage and then pass it on, how they believe they are promoting the Kingdom of God and promoting love and Christian Charity.

Many of these individuals seem to be motivated by jealousy, because they are not garnishing the attention and fund raising they believe they deserve. Well, one cannot build a city when the main task is that of destruction, and likewise one cannot promote the Kingdom of God by deceptively and maliciously lying about others, and claim this is done in ’the name of the Lord’. Many of these people come across as very charming, humble and charismatic, but bare their fangs when challenged or when perceiving someone else may do something that may upstage them. These people have two sets of rules: those which the majority follows, and those they live by. Of course, the rules these people live by are essentially no rules, and they justify their malevolence by claiming ‘we are doing God’s will’. So they will engage in the exact behavior they accuse others of and in essence, display their narcissism and sociopathology for all to see. (If people take the time to look).

These people show no real belief in God, for if they did, they would be painfully aware of the laws of sowing and reaping, and understand they will be subjected to the EXACT type of trials and tribulations they mete out to others. But most likely they will not because they are so delusional concerning their self importance that they are above reproach. This delusion will soon come to an end, but in the meantime, the destruction they have sown unfortunately is reaping dividends for them, and is directly adding to the length and duration of this holocaust known as legalized child killing. Repent while there is still time. That includes those who also believe and spread this garbage as well as those who originate it.

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