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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


George Offerman

It is difficult to write when under the weather, and it has now been 3 weeks for whatever bug has decided to move in with me. Lots of people seem to be sick, and some of them have been worse off than myself. Let’s hope for the best, and get things back on track.

It seems there is a disturbance in the force. The happenings in the Middle East have caused several prominent expositors to take a second look at the impending and encompassing spread of radical Islam to these countries. It seems that if the worst case scenario plays out, we are likely to see a significant if not catastrophic increase in violence and instability of the likes we have yet to witness. The lightening speed at which these events are moving is very unnerving. We are witnessing changes so profound that it is difficult to keep up with them, and to fully understand the ramifications of them.

Meanwhile, we have Obama over here discussing how our economic condition is improving, and we have ‘seen the worst’. The projected deficit for this year is projected at 1.5 trillion dollars. It took over 200 years to accumulate this debt and now we are managing to do this in less than a year. How can things be getting better, when we run up such large deficits, with no end in sight? Can we say hyperinflation?

We have this bizarre weather, which within the past few days has destroyed nearly 100% of the fruit and vegetable crops in the south and Mexico. There have been more than a few articles pointing out how these staples could easily double or triple in price in the next several weeks. We are also using an inordinate amount of corn for …fuel, and literally reducing the amount of this crop for human consumption. Do you know how to grow your own food?

All sorts of things are going on in our world, and it is changing so quickly, that it is hard to keep up with, and even more difficult to understand how it all fits in the bigger picture. One thing you can bet on is, the next several months will be trying for us, and we need to be in the good graces of God. This seems to be the most important thing we can do, along with holding the spirit of charity for those less fortunate than us.

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