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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


George Offerman

Sometimes there are events that are extremely relevant, but it is not noted until long after the event has occurred as to how relevant the event is. What is currently happening in Egypt has the potential to be one of these events. For many, this is just another uprising, similar to that in Tunisia a few weeks ago, and may result in one corrupt dictatorship being replaced by another, so what’s the big deal? The deal is, Egypt is one of the most populous Muslim countries, with some of the best educated young people in that area of the world, and it seems they are angry at the U.S. and Israel, and it very well may change the nature of things in the very near future.

Too many have focused on a unified Europe as potential trouble, and had been fearful of the European Union when it formed nearly 20 years ago. Few paid attention to the concept of a unified Middle East, and if this uprising in Egypt is absconded by the Muslim Brotherhood a unified Middle East may become closer to a reality, and most likely will be far more dangerous than any combination of European countries. A unified Middle East has way more prophetic meaning than Europe as well as way more instability concerning stratification of world power.

It is also interesting how quickly Obama ‘sold out’ on Mubarak. Just 10 days ago, Obama was giving his full support to Mubarak, and promising significant financial aid. Within 10 days and a few million protestors, Obama just gave word that ‘the people have spoken, and your time is over”. Obama is showing the world how quickly he will sell out on anyone who may lose ‘popularity’ and thus, does not stand for principle nor loyalty. Interestingly enough, if Obama wanted to use a few million protestors giving a vote of no confidence as a litmus test, then Obama himself ought to leave office, as there were millions of tea party people giving him a vote of no confidence. But I digress. The real issue here is that Obama is doing his best “Jimmy Carter’ impersonation and is now opening the door to possible unification of a people who will stop at nothing to spread their ways around the world.

A unified middle east with nuclear weapons is a lethal combination. A unified middle east would also have the ability and political clout to begin calling ‘the shots’ concerning multiple issues and would control the majority of the world’s energy resources. If the unified middle east, for instance, wanted to eliminate Israel, there wouldn’t be much standing in its way to accomplish this goal. A unified middle east has eschatological ramifications and is a rather scary turn of events in world history if it occurs.

What would stop a recreation of the old Babylon once this group has power and unity? It was prophecised that the line of Ishmael would be a thorn in the side of the line of Isaac, and we could very well be witness to a culmination of this prophecy. However, this possible conflict and battle has ramifications much greater than simply the destruction of Israel. It could have the potential to change the course of the world as we know it, or it could have the potential to usher in even something larger and more permanent, and be the start of the ‘beginning of the end’.

We are at a vortex of time and there is a definite quickening of world events. The pieces are falling into place for large events to occur that are more cosmic in nature, and we are players that are setting a stage that we soon may have no control over. How quickly these events are occurring is mind numbing, but we better be very aware of what is happening so we are not caught off guard. This is definitely something to keep our eyes on and we need to hope and pray for the best outcome possible.

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