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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


George Offerman

This is one of these posts that is really enjoyable to write, as it is heralding some of the best news one can receive in these very dark times.  Before I proceed, I want to be perfectly clear that I am not advocating in any way, shape or form, or even any part of the heretical “Prosperity Gospel” that is so prevalent today.  I am going to present information I have researched for over a decade, and will cover basic mathematical principles as well as Biblical principles.  To simply put it, if you don’t act on this information, you will not participate in this transfer.  Period.  And also be mindful of this title.  I did not say it is the only way to wealth: I am claiming it will be the largest transfer of wealth in history.
God has clearly revealed in Scripture, and this is backed up by hundreds of verses, that Gold and Silver is His money.  God is also very clear in Scripture that he hates dishonest weights and measures, and curses those who practice dishonesty in money matters.  Modern paper currency (I will not refer to it as money) is the most dishonest weights and measures fashioned by man at any time in history, and for the first (and only) time in history, every nation utilizes paper currency as its medium of exchange.   Unbeknownst to the majority of world inhabitants, this is about to come to a horrific end.  In the end God’s money, gold and silver, will take its rightful spot as the money of choice in everyday commerce.  It is happening right before our eyes even as I write this.  This is why it will be the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.
Throughout the majority of human history, gold and silver have been used as money in nearly all societies, and has universal appeal.  The fact that humans still desire these metals are played out at present time by virtually all countries trying to purchase or mine the metals.  This desire was instilled by God, and will continue until the end of time.  The problem is, with the population explosion coupled with industrial use for both metals, but mainly silver, the amount of metals available is much more limited than even 10-15 years ago.  Because of the shortages and increased demands by investors, there is now a historical vortex being created that will propel both metals into the stratosphere concerning the prices.
We also have the greatest amount of debt ever accrued in world history, and to monetize this debt with gold and silver could and very well may propel both metals into the four to five digit range, with gold possibly hitting the six figure range.  When we put together the forces of the increased population, decreased amount of metal and exponential debt, we have the ‘perfect storm’ or equation for the highest prices ever seen.  As I have repeatedly told anyone willing to listen over the past several years, this transfer is written into ‘the cards’ so to speak, and for those who do not get on this train before it leaves, will have great regrets.

Debts need to be paid, and it is inevitable this debt will need to be monetized by a commodity that is universally accepted.  Gold and silver fit this bill, and given there is a finite amount of both metals, the prices of these metals will reflect will be reflected in the need to pay these debts back.   Since we know there is about 6 billion ounces of gold and about 1 billion ounces of silver bullion, the prices have to eventually cover the trillions of dollars’ worth of debts and obligations we have to pay to the world as well as promises made to our citizens.  These are simple economic principles, and it will inevitably occur sooner than later.
Silver, for instance, hit a 600 year low in price, when factoring in for inflation.  As late as 2003, silver could be had for $4.35 an ounce, and those that purchased then have had a tenfold return on their initial investment.  Gold was around $270 and has experienced a nearly eight fold increase in price.  I can’t think of any other investment that has returned as much over the past 8 years.  But if you haven’t purchased any of the metal yet, the ride is just beginning.  It is true that the easy money has been made in gold and silver, but the big money is yet to be made, and big it will be.
Throughout history, a day’s wage for the average laborer was denarii, which is 1/10 of an ounce of silver.  This value may soon return, and that should give one an idea of the VALUE of silver and a gauge in which to plan one’s strategy.  I have repeatedly encouraged people who ask me how much silver to get that they should aim for about 1,000 ounces. If a day’s labor is 1/10 of an ounce, a person holding 1,000 ounces in effect will purchase back 10,000 days of labor for themselves.  This would work out to 40 years of work, if one uses the modern work week as a template.  So, one could set up their own ‘retirement system’ using silver and it would run them about $40K in current dollars.  And the good news is since silver is a tangible commodity, it is no one else’s liability once purchased, and it cannot go to $0 in value.  What one will need to do is to calculate how much money they would need to fund their retirement for 40 years, in inflated adjusted dollars.  (Silver goes up with ‘inflation’ thus there would be no need to increase the amount used year over year.)
As well, I also feel obligated to write what I also tell those I encourage to buy silver, that one day, silver will be the worst purchase, because it is inevitable it will be overpriced by at least a factor of 2, and no one ought to be caught holding the bag when this happens.  But the good news is, today is not the day, and we are very far away from the prices silver needs to hit to even worry about it.  I also tell people the silver market is volatile, and it will rise and fall in large increments.  So, if one is to purchase silver, they need to strap themselves in for a ride, and not pay much attention to the day to day motions of the market.  I have ridden this market out for over ten years, and overall, I am up.  In fact, everyone I am aware of who has been purchasing silver from my promptings is up measured in dollar amounts.  I believe this trend will continue, and escalate over the upcoming months and years.
The time is short, and due to the limited supplies of metals, opportunities to get on board this train are limited and closing fast.  The warnings are everywhere, and one has to be painfully aware that the powers that be have no intention of stopping their insane spending and debt habits.  Protect yourself and your family.  Get gold, but also get more silver, and do it soon.

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