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Monday, August 22, 2011


George Offerman

Of all the candidates in the Republican field, Ron Paul is the one who has been most consistent in his pressing for an end to legalized child killing.  Year after year, Dr. Paul has introduced a pro-life amendment, and in most years this amendment has not had any co-sponsors.  And this is from a party that claims to be pro-life.  Ron Paul also comes from a liberal district in Texas, but continues to win reelections by overwhelming majorities due to his constancy in legislation, as well as integrity shown in keeping his word on substantive matters.

As a physician, Dr. Paul understands clearly life begins at conception and he has been an undying and unashamed advocate for this position.  Unlike most in the pro-life movement, Dr. Paul makes no apologies for his positions, and takes a very tough line against those who dispute his position.  Dr. Paul confounds his opposition, due to the fact he comes from a stance that is backed by scientific knowledge and personal experiences, not some convoluted propaganda and emotional hysteria that the pro deathers position takes.  This is why he is unmercifully attacked by these groups.  Yet he is not defended by the pro-lifers.

I have been told by more than a few that Ron Paul has some ‘objectionable’ qualifications that would disqualify him from endorsements.  The largest, concerning the life issue, is Congressman Paul sees abortion as a state’s rights issue.  If anyone can remember their civics classes, any amendment adopted into the constitution needs passage by 75% of the states, so each state must have strong pro-life lobbies in them for this to happen.  Unless there is a pure ban passed through congress, or an overturn by the Supreme Court, the only way to end legalized child killing will be an amendment.

Here is the issue: none of the current candidates for the GOP has attempted to pass legislation as Ron Paul has, and no one has the consistent record Congressman Paul does on this issue.  The pro-life movement better get it through their noggins that it is those who have borne the brunt of battle, such as Congressman Paul that will give us the best chance of ending legalized child killing, not those who are pretenders and are pro-life in name only.  It is amazing how short the attention span is of the general pro-life movement, and how easily they can be conned by slick talking politicians and drink the same old Kool-Aid election after election.

Take Rick Perry for instance.  He is a former Democrat (maybe) who campaigned for Al Gore.  He is pro-gay marriage.  He also passed a very controversial law mandating all 6th grade girls be vaccinated with the controversial and supposed HPV preventative GARDASIL, even against parents’ wishes and religious beliefs.  He pushed through the very controversial construction of the Texas NAFTA Super highway, which has been linked to the North American Union proposal by the Trilateral Commission, as well as Bilderberg group.  Finally, Mr. Perry is a member of the Bilderbergers, and has attended several of their meetings over the previous years.  But this guy does one prayer breakfast and makes a few slick comments, and lo and behold; the pro-life movement is jumping all over this guy’s bandwagon as if he is the reinvention of sliced bread.  Really, is that all it takes to get the pro-life movement’s endorsement?  Just talk a good game, and you’re in?

It blows me away that the pro-life movement seems to never learn from their mistakes.  They lump all of the GOP candidates, minus Ron Paul into the same playing field, when there is absolutely no evidence these people will do what the pro-lifers are claiming, and that is to follow through with their so called ‘pledge’ to support legislation that protects babies.   The problem is that Ron Paul has done this every year, and has essentially been ‘iced out’ by the prolife movement.  So much for the consistency, and so much for the integrity of this movement.    It seems the prolife movement can’t see the trees from the forest.

This is one more instance in which the prolife movement shows its inability to win this war.  They will ice out the most prolific advocate for life and hook up with the latest harlot willing to sell his (or her) soul by advocating for some prayers and slick talking and its off and running with endorsements.  Shame, shame, shame on the prolife movement, if the charlatans of the GOP are eventually nominated to run and supposedly represent our cause.  Just don’t come crying to this corner when you get sold down the river.

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