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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


George Offerman

It seems over the past few years when I take two weeks off, things seem to happen.  This particular vacation, I was expecting to see major movements in the financial world, and my expectations were met, if not exceeded.  This was not unexpected, and the rumblings in the financial world are really at the beginning phase of an all out collapse.  I have been telling people for some years now, how by simply using mathematical principles taught in the 8th grade, anyone can come the conclusion that the only outcome from blatant money printing and institutionalized deficit spending is collapse. 

Before I go on, I will point out once again, that this issue is not only linked to legalized child killing, it is the genesis of it.  Anyone who has ever done any sidewalk counseling knows the number one reason cited for killing children is lack of money.  The individual say it, planned parenthood says it, and even our government has alluded to this.  If we had fair and honest money, we would not be in the mess we are in.  But because we have a tendency to compartmentalize everything, we will continue to wander in the financial desert until we get the connection and do something about it.

Getting back to the issue, our debt in this country is increasing in a geometric progression.  Our productivity or ability to pay it back is at best increasing in an arithmetic progression, but more likely stagnating, if not actually regressing.  With this being the case, it is a MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY there will be a crash, and this will usher in a need to reset the whole economic reality of this country.  Because the whole world is on a fiat based currency system, there is no historical precedent in which to refer to, so we are truly in ‘uncharted territory’ concerning the severity and duration of this reset.  There cannot be any other outcome at this time, and it is only a matter whether we have the gumption to pay now with great pain, or later with greater pain, plus interest and penalties.  But pay we will.

This is why both parties ‘caved’ on the debt limit ceiling.  Very few of these people are statesmen, and they don’t want to be known as the ones who caused the ‘greater depression’.  So they did what all previous congresses and presidents have: kicked the can down the road.  The problem is there is not much road left on Debt Avenue.  So, economically, we are treading water until the main event begins in earnest.

I have included a brief snippet from an author I am learning to really appreciate.  It discusses what children may learn from the current economic situation, but it also reflects rather accurately the behaviors of the average American.  This is taken from Simon Black’s article, and his writings can be found at:  www.sovereignman.com

I have to imagine that any child watching the goings-on of American politics would conclude that:

- debt is wealth
- living beyond your means is completely sustainable
- if anyone tells you otherwise, denounce their mathematical errors
- if at first you don't succeed, keep trying the same thing over and over
- working hard and saving money is bad
- spending money and not working is good
- if you have a problem, the government will bail you out
- people are entitled to things that they didn't work for
- no one should be held accountable for the consequences of the risks they take
- it's not illegal if the government does it
- despite what our eyes and ears tell us, inflation is not a concern
- everything is going to be OK simply because the government says so

The financial system is completely different than what it used to be, and the basic premises have been thrown out. The dollar is no longer stable. The US is no longer "risk free". The government is not there to help. The happy-go-lucky days of safely putting our savings in bank CDs and T-bills are gone for good.


Two years ago, I discussed gold and silver for the first time on this site and mentioned how the majority of the pundits were trashing both metals, despite the increasing price for both over the past 8 years.  I also mentioned how there were a few people back then (just 2 years ago) that discussed $1,500 gold and $50 silver.  The majority of people back then did not imagine, nor believe these prices would be breached.  Just two years later, it has been done, and in the most recent few days, a few commentators in the arenas I read have discussed $20-25 K gold.  We haven’t even hit any type of hyper inflation, and the predicted numbers have grown ten fold in just 2 years.  These numbers would have been laughable to even the most strident of gold bugs, yet there are credible authors and gurus of these markets now openly making these claims.  (I can’t wait to see the numbers two years from now!)

This wouldn’t be happening if our economic troubles were improbable.  These numbers only make sense in an economic crash scenario, and it seems more and more of those who study these markets are coming to this conclusion.  We really are at the threshold of something catastrophic, and it is very important that people begin to see this.  It is time that we begin to act on what we know, and take actions that will be positive for ourselves and family.  Godl and silver will go to heights that no one can really believe at this time, but it will be common knowledge in short order, and many will have regrets they did not act on this information.

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