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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


George Offerman

The tenth anniversary of 9-11 brought out many differing responses and emotions and it seems appropriately that most Americans paused to remember this tragedy.  It is right to honor the dead and to pause in our busy lives to consider the ramifications and subsequent actions taken by our country since then.  This is also a time when those who question the ‘official’ version of these events come out and are challenged and chastised by those who believe what they were told, and don’t want to investigate, or know any more than what they think occurred on that day.

There are definitely many zealots on both sides of the equation and it becomes difficult when one side or the other resorts to ad hominine arguments, innuendos or straight up emotionally charged language not based on any type of reality.  In any real debate, it is the merits of the argument, based upon facts, that ultimately wins the day.  It is those types of debates that forwards the truth and allows those paying attention to then make an informed decision in a non prejudicial manner.  If conversations are stifled due to the inconvenience and discomfort of the listener, the listener may then take the tactic of name calling, or claiming the other side is into ‘conspiracy theory’ as a way to coerce those who have a different view into silence.

I came across an article on Matt Abbot’s site Renew America, in which Mr. Abbott asked the Rev. John Trigilio to comment on 9-11.  The next two paragraphs are taken from Fr. John’s commentary on conspiracy theorists and their ‘damage’ to the Body of Christ:

'Conspiracies are demonic. They feign real fellowship or communion by uniting people for nefarious reasons. True fraternity seeks the common good. Conspiracy seeks division and destruction. Hence, Judas conspired with the Sanhedrin to betray Christ for thirty pieces of silver. Then there are the phony conspiracies, like the one the Temple leaders made up to discredit the Resurrection: paying guards to falsely claim Jesus' followers stole His body.

'There are still some who claim 9/11 was a conspiracy, not of the terrorists, but of our own government. Like those who deny that astronauts actually landed on the moon, there are people who insist the president knew about the attacks ahead of time and allowed them to happen so he could go to war. The same theory was espoused about FDR and Pearl Harbor sixty years earlier.


It is interesting, but more dismaying that Fr. John paints with a broad brush those who are constantly emitting shrilled cries of the end of everything with no basis of fact, versus those who have questioned the official version of the story, and have backed these questions through independent studies, reports put out by associations such as the Architects and engineers for 9-11 truth, Pilots for 9-11 truth, firefighters for 9-11 truth and Media for 9-11 truth (just to name a few).  These organizations listed are not stating they know who did it, but are making documented and factually based claims that what did happen on that day cannot be explained by the current version of events.

It seems Fr. John is quick to the punch in condemning those who see problems in explanations that don’t make sense and defy reason in many instances.  It is as if Fr. John is advocating unity at any price over those seeking the truth.  Or maybe the better word is zombie.  No one dare think for themselves, or ever question the reality presented to them, even if that reality is very suspect and contradictory.   It seems it is more important to agree and have ‘unity’ even though coerced and fake, over real questioning of matters.  Comfort and convenience over conviction.

Truth, by its nature is intolerant.  There cannot be any other answer for 1+1 except 2.  This is a difficult concept for many to accept, but it is the nature of truth.  That is also why truth is referred to as a 'double edged sword' because of it being absolute, it cuts straight and true.  This is also why the truth will set us free.  Yes the truth will set us free, but we have to acknowledge it and seek it out.  We also have to know how to recognize it when we see it.  When delusions and lies are perpetuated long enough, it becomes difficult, if not nearly impossible to discern reality from the lie.  This is the ultimate evil, especially when it is deliberate and planned.

Fr. John is totally correct in stating conspiracies are demonic.  However, to insist that anyone believe anything in this world based on blind faith is more harmful than questioning when there is reason to do so.  Making blanket statements about others without full knowledge of what they may know is also divisive.  Concerning matters of faith and morals, we are to have trust and walk in this knowledge.  We are also required to use our intellect and make a choice based upon our free will.  Simply accepting things because someone or some entity asked/required us to do it is not the way to 'unity'.  Acknowledging the truth, regardless of the consequences (such as arrest over protesting abortion) will create more opportunity for unity, than for simply keeping an uneasy peace.   Unfortunately, that is what this 501 c 3 based Church wants to do.

We need to seek the truth in all matters, regardless of what problems it causes, or how 'politically incorrect' we may seem, even to fellow churchgoers and their pastors.  To deny the truth for the sake of 'peace' is a greater evil than any of the nasty 'conspiracies' many have belittled and denied.  It is in this light that I hope and pray Fr. John reconsiders his statements and actually takes some time to 'educate' himself on at least the questions many have about the 'official' story about that horrible day ten years ago.  No one ought to be a zombie, and no other person should request of anyone to shut their brain off and accept things simply because 'it's the right thing to do".

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