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Friday, September 23, 2011


George Offerman

Try as I may, I cannot help but to keep commenting on the financial realm as the events are unfolding at such a pace, that my head is spinning.  I wish it weren’t so, but it’s of no use to deny the reality around us and pretend all of the many trivial matters still being pursued by the majority actually mean anything.  It seems like the majority of the people I talk to are aware of the elephant in the room, but don’t want to know or hear anything other than information that allows them to stay in their “things are getting better and this will not last’ mode.  Despite the temptation of falling into that trap, it is not going to happen, and what is happening better be paid attention to, and acted upon, or it will end up very badly for those who are unprepared.

I had a lengthy conversation with my wife about this a couple of days ago.  These are matters we have been anticipating and discussing for several years now and we are even amazed at how many ‘hits’ this economy is taking, and has yet to fall.  This phenomena, however, will not continue on for much longer, and we are both in agreement this economic system is terminal, and it is only a matter of how much time we have and it is no longer an issue of ‘can’ it get better.

It gives me no pleasure to write about these matters on a regular basis, as this is a very unpleasant topic with very unpleasant outcomes.  But it is more difficult to stay silent when it seems the evidence all around points in one direction, and it is that of total collapse of the current system.  Fundamentally, there is no possible way we can continue on the trajectory we have set ourselves onto, and it is the lack of honesty and integrity by those in charge that is going to cause the most pain (and death) which is so avoidable.  There is no urgency in any of these matters, and the political and financial (and to a large degree, the Church) carry on as if we have all the time in the world and believe “We are America, we are blessed, and God would never allow us to fail”.

I told my wife that I am really sad and grieve for those who have not prepared.  It pains me to see the trivial being pursued by the masses and the deliberate deception perpetrated by elected officials, financial representatives, the media and the Churches.  Most of these people will come out after the fact and claim with straight faces that “We didn’t see this coming, and really no one could have seen this coming”.  Lies, lies and more lies.  These are the same people who now say to trust in them, and want the majority to put their faith in them.  Unfortunately, the majority are doing just that, and it will be these actions that will be the ultimate downfall of these people.

Right now, gold and silver are having a huge sell off, and are being trashed by the financial world and MSM as being in a ‘bubble’.  They will never discuss how the masses are being deceived into seeking ‘safety’ in Treasuries and the dollar, of which both are printed at will and at an ever increasing amount.  Instead, they trash God’s money, metals that are very limited in amounts and cannot be counterfeited.  They have managed to convince the majority that an infinite supply of paper has more value than a commodity universally recognized as money that is in limited supply that is ever decreasing in availability.  They have convinced the majority to ignore buying any of this metal as a hedge against the shenanigans they are doing, and they will have no sympathy for the common man when TSHTF.

If there is ever a time to buy into the precious metals, it is now.  They are deeply discounted, and who doesn’t like a good sale!  It is counter intuitive when concerning money matters, and is outright scary when one goes against the ‘majority’ when it seems clear the majority put their faith in paper that has no intrinsic value.  This is a time to look at the facts, and not let emotion take over.  This is the time to make a move that may ultimately be the difference between surviving and dying.  These are dangerous times that require great urgency in action and there is not the luxury of time to waste.

So I will continue to harp on this point regardless of how many readers may be turned off by it.  I can’t stay quiet when I can see these matters so clearly and believe they are on our doorstep.  I can’t continue on in silence when I see most in this society walking around in a comatose state and seemingly unaware of what is ready to befall them.  Once this collapse hits critical mass, most will not believe the speed in which things happen, and it will be then that the masses will find a need for urgency, but by then, the exits will be blocked and it will be too late.

It’s ugly now, and about to get so much worse.  I don’t think even I can understand or grasp the nature of what we are about to witness.  And I have been reading about this matter for years.  Never in the history of the world has every nation used paper money and there is no precedent in which to refer to in history to predict what it will look like.  All one can know for sure is it will not be good, and it will require a total revamping of the way mankind does his finances.  The world as we know it is passing away right now as we watch.  We can choose to do something about it and possibly benefit ourselves, our family and our community, or we can continue on with bread and circuses and find when it hits critical mass, that we, along with the emperor, have no clothing.  Your choice.  Choose wisely.  And have some urgency and purpose behind your choice.

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