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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The series of posting I will be running are from 2 years ago, and are not in this site's archives.  I think the timing of these postings are very relevant to the current financial conditions we are seeing.  The writing is on the wall for anyone willing to look, and the time is short to do much about our condition otehr than personal preparation.

George Offerman

I was with a group of pro lifers recently, and the topic of the economy came up.  We have been discussing this topic for several months, ongoing, and the consensus seems to be that God is involved in these current times, and that the love of money has been front and center of our problems.  I told them, and continue to believe this economy will never get better, and there are good reasons for this.

One may ask “what does the economy have to do with pro life”.  My answer is EVERYTHING.  What is the main reason cited for abortion? Mainly convenience and ‘choice’.  Why does one need the ‘choice’ or convenience? The down and dirty answer is money.  We never have enough, and it seems the other side continually pushes the false allegations that we live in a world of scarcity, and this includes money (or the lack thereof).

The current money, known as Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) is printed at will, and as we can see, the printing has increased exponentially in the past two years.  When money can be printed at will, or out of ‘thin air’, abuse is soon to follow.  Our national debt, not including the unfunded liabilities (promised future benefits with no money to pay for them) stand at nearly 12 Trillion dollars.  The interest alone on this debt is nearing half a Trillion annually.  Currently, the largest holder of U.S. debt (U.S. Treasury bonds) is China, with roughly 1.7 trillion.  Obama is talking about another 9-10 trillion of additional debt over the next ten years, and this will raise the interest payments alone to nearly 1 Trillion dollars per year. 

This in turn, takes away from productivity, and creates a downward spiral of debt: the more debt we have, the more we must borrow to pay today’s bills, thus owing more interest that then requires more borrowing, etc.  The more money spent on interest, the less to spend on real needs, and thus the artificial ‘scarcity’ built into the system.  When one feels the constant pressure to ‘downsize’, they look at potential liabilities.  Children are one of the greatest expenditures parents can have, and unfortunately, become the largest liabilities, and are thus seen as expendable.

Now, where does all of this interest go?  Interest is paid to bond holders, such as China, for the U.S. Treasuries, but interest is also ‘owed’ to the Federal Reserve for ‘lending’ the money to the Treasury department in the first place.  So in essence, we pay interest to the Federal Reserve for the ‘privilege’ of creating this money out of thin air to begin with.  Interest payments are sent directly to the Federal Reserve (Which is a private corporation and this payment is not subject to income tax) and this money is never to be seen again in the economy as we know it. Taking a trillion dollars annually out of an economy definitely causes scarcity, and validates the whole premise of what Obama is trying to sell to the public with his current health care scam.

God is clear what his money is: Silver and Gold.  God deliberately created a nominal amount of the ‘precious metals’ as a way to minimize the ‘shenanigans’ He knew we would get into if there was a nearly unlimited amount.  When money is limited, and cannot be counterfeited, commerce is always conducted on a ‘cash and carry’ basis, and there is little or no need for any interest bearing instruments in which to enslave one.

When the money supply is steady, there is no inflation, thus no loss of one’s labor, property and ability to secure basic needs if available.  One would also be more aware of taxes as they would have to be paid by coinage on hand, versus deducted out of a check, which merely reflect numbers on a paper. This would create more accountability by government for monetary expenditures.  People would also be more involved, due to having an expanded awareness of where and how their money is being used.

People constantly bring up wars as an example of ‘pro life’ issues.  If we continued to use God’s money, wars would be scarce and limited by the ability or lack thereof to fund them.  There would be little incentive to kill people and break things that then have to be replaced.  When there is no limit to ‘creating’ money, there is no limit to the amount of wars and other sinful behaviors one or a nation can engage in.  Likewise the cutting off of credit is a death knell for the individual or nation who has debt or trying to bankroll day to day life, or in this particular example, the propagation of war.

God intended for there to be stability in life, by having a stable source of money.  One would be able to save and to pass on their life’s fruit without the fear of losing everything due to inflation or debauchery of the currency.  There is more said about money in the Bible than about salvation, and God has made clear that Honest weights and measures is the premier concern when dealing with His money.  The current money scenario is an abomination to God, as it is very dishonest in it is created by one source (Federal Reserve), and created at will with little discipline.

This is why I for one would like to see “In God we trust” removed from the FRN’s and metal slugs we call coinage.  God should not be mocked in such a fashion, and this slogan can be reinstated once we again use the money God, and our constitution intended for us: Silver and Gold.  Until we come up with honest weights and measures, using God’s money, the economy will not come back, as God does not reward sinful and rebellious behaviors.

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