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Thursday, September 8, 2011


George Offerman

I have to admit that I have been rather perplexed over the past week.  There has been very scary events going on in the world (mostly man made, but not all) and it seems like the cumulative effect on the average American has been close to nil.  However, schedule a speech on how to deal with some of the issues during the first NFL game of the year, and see people come out of the woodwork to protest this speech and condemn any semblance of anything real that will usurp a game which can be seen on tape delay, or seen on highlights on ESPN.

I can agree with many who state Obama is simply looking to raise sagging poll numbers by promising more goodies through more deficit spending.  I can understand the cynicism behind most not believing word one that comes out of Obama’s mouth.  I can even understand those that believe government is the answer to all of our problems, and throwing more money at it will somehow solve the problem.  What I don’t see or understand is how in the world do these complainers believe an NFL game is more important than the real problems we are facing, problems that are ready to consume our way of life and wealth from us, and not seem to give a rip?

We are in extreme danger concerning our society and way of life, and the response of many Americans is anger over a stupid football game.  I have to say most of my perplexity is I had a more optimistic view of my fellow citizens, believing we have seen enough over the past several months to a few years to begin to see the light, and start really working on change that will benefit our country.  It appears I really misjudged the majority in this matter, and it seems we continue on our careening path to the abyss and may already be at the edge.  I have to wonder now, what will it really take to get the masses to see the trouble we are in?

I have no faith Obama is going to offer anything more than window dressing and deficit spending.  Obama is a Fabian Socialist and as such, has no original thoughts in his deluded head.  Whatever he comes up with will benefit his fellow cronies and end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to ‘create’ a job that is barely above minimum wage.  And this is while screwing those who are paying the majority in taxes.  There will be no pragmatical solutions proffered tonight, and it will involve more delusion than reality.  But those who voted for this loser don't even want to watch much of this game, and are not interested despite the fact it may have major consequences for them.

So for those who are more interested in whether the champion Packers can take the Saints than what is going to really affect their future, enjoy the game.   Evidently, the reality of the situation is too much to handle, and it may be better that you are not plugged into what is going on around you.  these times are requiring much from us, and the need to be prepared is most important in these very dark times.  The opportunity to take care of one's family, which is one of the most important thins a human being can do is rapidly going away.   Enjoy the bread and circuses while Rome burns.

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