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Thursday, September 29, 2011


George Offerman

I’ve been spending nearly all of my free time addressing many folks’ concerns over the silver market and what is happening in the overall picture.  Yes, the precious metals are experiencing significant drops (I will not call this a ‘correction’ as silver ought to be at least 20 times what it is now).  What I am telling these folks privately and what I am writing here and now is, we are entering the endgame of this struggle between God’s money and fraudulent paper money and the economic system as it exists today.

Most don’t comprehend this, yet even want to accept it.  I can only tell people to research and read historical accounts of paper money, and its 100% failure rate, and how countries that stay on a bimetal money system have a history of thriving and remaining stable.  That is one of the primary reasons our Founding Fathers put in the Constitution that only gold and silver coinage is to be legal tender for all debts.  If one does not know, we, even in the good ole U.S. have had three instances in which paper currency has failed: the “continental” during the revolutionary war, the confederate currency and Lincoln’s “Greenback’ or the better known “shin plasters” during the civil war.  (Notice, it is in times of war, that currency is debauched, similar to today).

Now, we are on the verge of the fourth failure of paper currency in our history, but this one is going to be the ‘big daddy’ of failures.  For starters, we are going into debt faster than at any time in this nation’s history, and doing it with the largest numbers as well.  There is no end to the debt and the need to borrow to service this debt.  Secondly, we have the largest welfare state in our history, and have more people receiving ‘benefits’ than are working, an unsustainable process in and of itself.  But most importantly, our currency is the reserve currency of the world, and as such, allows the private corporation Federal Reserve, to print as much as is needed.  Once the rest of the world gets tired of this behavior (which is occurring now) this money will make it back to our shores, and hyperinflation is the only possible outcome of this.

Gold and silver, by their nature, cannot be made out of ‘thin air’.  Gold and silver will NEVER lose its value, and can only increase due to its relative scarcity.  Once the common man understands the true VALUE of gold and silver, there will never be enough ‘paper money’ to exchange for even 1 ounce of either of these metals.  If this were not known by nearly everyone, and especially demonstrated by most central banks, they would not be scrambling to buy as much as they can before their currency becomes worthless.  By virtue that most, if not all of the central banks around the world are buying is perfect clarification of the intrinsic value of the precious metals.

It seems why most people who have purchased silver in recent months are panicking and having second thoughts is they are confusing volatility with risk.  Although the prices of the metals are currently volatile, they pose no risk in ever losing any of their value.  Although the dollar, and treasury bonds have demonstrated little volatility over the past several years (although trending down), they carry great risk in losing some, if not all of their initial principle.  People buy bonds and hold cash in order to ‘preserve’ capital.  With interest rates near 0% on bonds, and cash paying no interest, there is no return or growth on this investment.  Given the ever increasing debt we are incurring, it is becoming a near certainty that our government will default on its bond obligations, and those placing their life’s fruits of their labor into treasury bonds are likely to be nearly or totally wiped out when the music stops.  Those holding precious metals are going to see multiples of increases in their net worth, but will have to be willing to ride out volatile times.

I have been most frantic in urging everyone I’ve talked to, to buy more silver while these lower prices occur, a gift from the money powers.  Since the precious metals are diametrically opposed to paper money, it is in the evil people’s best interest to ‘demonize’ the metals, and use their puppet MSM to convince most people to stay away from them (as they buy up the metals themselves).  Remember, the saying goes this way: “Those who have the gold make the rules”, not “Those who have the dollars make the rules”.

The dollar will soon go the way of the dodo.  It is nearly a fait accompli.  Ben “helicopter” Bernanke said it as much years ago when asked about deflation versus inflation, and his response went something like this: “If need be, I will drop dollars from a helicopter to keep the economy going”.   We see the government has no intention of shrinking itself, and is increasing its spending despite declining revenues (read: taxes).  The government has only two ways of increasing their dollar reserves: 1) higher taxes and tax revenue, or 2) increasing the number of dollars, via borrowing and printing.  We already know tax revenue will not recover to any sustainable level, as in EVER in the current system, so the only other option is borrowing and printing money.  They will print money until it is worthless, but at least the debt, in theory will be gone.  But carnage will result and it will devastate those not prepared.  The writing is on the wall; the dollar is “toast”.  And once again, gold and silver will be the king of money as it is meant to be.

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