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Monday, August 30, 2010


George Offerman

Glenn Beck held his equivalent of an “I have a dream” weekend, and it drew hundreds of thousands of hungry Americans wanting to see real change occur in this very sick nation of ours. Even though the tea party has made its best efforts to stay out of the arena of religion and social issues, Beck was able to inject a very religious message that appeared to resonate with the people. If our rights are God given, then what obligation do we have to follow laws the state imposes on us that are minimally immoral, and likely anti Christian and anti God? And if we do answer this question in the affirmative, what is the next step in which to take in order for our voices to be heard?

One of the gripes I have heard over and over again was the tea party did not (or maybe does not) have a pure pro life platform, and seems to not address many of the hot social issues and religion. I have long thought that this is actually a great position to take, as the pro life movement at least at this time, does not have a unified plank, or a realistic game plan in which to end legalized child killing. Due to this, the tea party is not ‘bogged down’ with the baggage that belongs to the current pro life movement. The same could be said of religion, as nearly all the churches are under the cursed 501 c 3 status, and as such, are really whores of the state. The tea party has been wise in avoiding both pitfalls, and seems to have pulled in a great many people by this strategy.

Nearly all of the tea party people I have encountered have a very Theo centric view of the world, and as such, do have a good moral center in which they view the current situation in our country. The reason I believe they are causing such a fuss on ‘BOTH sides of the aisle’ in politics, is because they are fundamentally sound, and this is a threat to BOTH SIDES. The tea party people question the whole idea of many of the recent laws passed, and want to see many repealed (as they should be). The only weakness I see with the tea party (other than being absconded by the Republicants) is they stop short of applying non violent civil disobedience to these Godless laws.

We need to begin to assess, and determine what the proper and moral actions to take against the godless laws that now dominate our landscape. What we know is true, is over the past 37 years, our actions have not cultivated in any significant headway in ending legalized child killing. There are many who want to make the claim that for the first time ever, a majority of the population are pro life. We still have rampant killing going on, and a stale mate in this arena means status quo is the order, and the killing fields continue to be open for business. If the goal of the tea party is to effect change in the political arena, there will need to be standards and creeds the candidates have to abide by or there is little purpose to this movement. The same needs to be said for the pro life movement. There needs to be teeth behind the rhetoric.

If we consider the true nature of Christianity, it is to be the light to the world. If the world needs light, it is presupposed the world is dark, and darkness is not the condition that is conducive for salvation and peaceful living. Right now, the world is running this land, and there seems to be little movement in changing this hierarchy. We need to be looking at ways in which we can express ourselves, while also remaining true to our Christian heritage. Non violent civil disobedience is going to have to be in this calculation, and it is a fact that will make the staunchest Christian uncomfortable and the lukewarm run for cover. Without an honest discussion of this reality, we will soon be seeing even more restrictive laws denouncing our beliefs being passed, and simply going to church one day soon may be a criminal offense. What are we going to do then?

I am challenging all those who follow the Living God to consider what they are willing to do. This battle is in the late phase, and our options are being limited by the day. We cannot run and hide forever, and the master has made it clear that saying nothing in the face of evil is evil itself. There does have to be a day of reckoning and we need to be prepared for it. It is time to organize, unify and hit the enemy with calculated and pinpoint precision in their most vulnerable point. Disobeying godless laws is a good place to start.

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