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Thursday, August 26, 2010


George Offerman

I am rather distressed and dismayed this morning. It seems the group who wants to know where I stand on the personhood amendment has no action plan in implementing this amendment. As well meaning as their intentions are, with no true and workable action plan all this talk is simply… talk and wishful thinking. See, the vast majority of those in the pro life movement have put themselves in such a small box, that there is no pragmatical way out. This box, unfortunately, is created by those who believe this process is sterile and can be done from a distance and is not a dirty or confrontational endeavor.

If one allows himself to THINK about legalized child killing to its core, he will become painfully aware that it is one of the most bizarre and stupefying ‘crimes of humanity’ to have ever existed. Here we have a nation that supposedly follows the rule of law, which summarily executes its most innocent citizens for the most mundane ‘reasons’. Unlike virtually any other crime (other than the Federal Reserve) this crime against humanity is scheduled, the executioner is known, the locations are identified, and nothing is done about it. If I announced a week in advance that I was robbing the nearest BB&T branch, I can assure you, SWAT teams would be waiting and I would be hauled off to jail for a very long time. Yet that is what abortuaries do.

The mainstream pro life movement does not want to discuss, nor even contemplate activities that may make them ‘look bad’. Most don’t want graphic signs shown, depicting the truth of legalized child killing. Most are not interested in picketing the killers home, and the vast majority will not challenge anyone who has a pro death view, as there are fears of ‘offending’ or God forbid, the pro deathers may actually show anger and rage against those challenging their beliefs. So, here we are 37 years later and this is the scorecard: We can’t show graphic pictures, cannot use confrontational language, cannot even agree on what a pro life plank is, cannot bring our ‘Faith’ into the discussion, cannot and do not hold politicians accountable for their treachery, and God forbid, cannot discuss the “mortal sin’ of what Roeder did without being branded a ‘terrorist’ (and that’s within the pro life ranks). And we wonder why we are losing, and on top of that we have some wishful, Pollyanna dream that through a magical process, legalized child killing will end.

Well the enemy has studied us, they know our weaknesses, and they are exploiting them. They do not paint themselves into a box or corner, and use any means necessary to get what they want. We need to study our enemy, get to know their weaknesses, and use all non violent means necessary to get what we want. What are the weaknesses of our enemy? First off, they are very confused in their thinking, but have commanded and commandeered certain ‘buzz phrases’ that need to be taken back. Secondly, they are a minority that has convinced the majority they are the majority. But the biggest of all is they need TAXPAYER funding to continue their work, and that is the key weakness if exploited, will bring them down.

Look at the major players in legalized child killing. Planned parenthood and the ACLU WOULD NOT EXIST if they had to self fund and fund raise. The government, who is the strong arm behind these two, refers to us as ‘taxpayers’, not citizens, Americans or anything else (frankly that is an offensive term and a demeaning way of describing us). One can know how others process thoughts by listening to the language they use. Money is their lifeblood, and their funding source is used to CONTROL the behaviors and beliefs of the majority. It is time to expose these frauds for what they are, and to make so much noise that the wimps and liars on Capitol Hill hear us loud and clear.

So, here is a plan of action to get the personhood amendment passed. 1) Call a national convention for pro life activists, and have a solid action plan in place. 2) Identify those who are willing to be on the front line of activism to take the lead in building teams 3) Fund and support through the pro life ‘press’ those willing to be openly non compliant with the tax system and be unified in this message to the politicians and Churches. 4) DEFUND ALL CHURCHES AND 501 C 3 ORGANIZATIONS that do not ‘tow the line’ concerning the unified pro life message. 5) Unmercifully hound and badger, through letters, phone calls, and most importantly, a physical presence around the clock at the offices and Capitol of all politicians who have sold out on the pro life message. 6) Promote and hold accountable all future candidates to this platform and impress upon them the ‘Fear of God’ if they ever sell out to the cause. And 7) DEFUND the ACLU and Planned parenthood and any other organization that promotes the culture of death with taxpayer money.

Money talks, and the enemy's ‘Achilles heel’ is funding. Defund all of those pushing the hellish gospel of death, and we will have victory. Let us work on enrolling those who know how to fight, the one and only ‘greatest generation’ who know what it takes to rise up and defeat evil. The majority of the ND 88 falls into this category, and they are our unsung heroes in this battle. If we did most of the points listed above for 12-18 months, I would be willing to bet that legalized child killing will be on the ash heap of history. Now, are we all talk, or will we walk the walk?

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