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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


George Offerman

There has been so much focus on the tea party and what they represent, but the pro life movement has not been vocal or visible in the debate on needing to take the country back. We have had 2 justices chosen in the past year, and the pro life movement has for the most part been MIA, and with the elections looming, I have not read or seen much activity from the pro lifers concerning viable candidates to vote for. It seems everyone is getting excited about the prospects of the Replicants taking back at least one of the chambers in Congress, as if that is going to do anything for the cause.

I have spoken to both leaders and front line people in the pro life movement, and nearly without exception, they are putting some efforts into the campaigns of the old and tired elected officials who have done little to nothing in ending legalized child killing. Since we know the Church, along with many of their 501 c 3 cronies will never forward or support a strong pro life candidate, it is up to us to get this done. But where are the candidates? Who has stepped forward to take up the cause? Has there been encouragement from our side for anyone who is solid in the movement?

It is for this reason I hold out little hope of change and movement until we can either secure solid pro life candidates, or put the fear of God into the ones currently holding office. What seems very confusing to me is how the movement focuses on the need to change the law, yet is nearly absent when there are pro death individuals nominated for the Supreme Court, and apparently little political activity concerning true pro life candidates. So, how are the laws going to change? Through the process of osmosis? There needs to be a viable plan, with viable candidates and a clear and concise map of a strategy for victory once the candidate gets into office.

Any successful strategy will have to include, first and foremost, a unified plank on which to run. With the movement being fragmented it would be very difficult to determine and convince a majority of voters of the viability of the candidate and real prospects of getting legislation into any committee. There would also have to be some urgency in this matter, as well as going for total victory, versus the current losing strategy of incrementalism. There also needs to be a push to expose the child killing industry in the way they do business, and how harmful they are to the women exposed to them. There needs to be large numbers of staunch pro lifers ready and able to hold these people accountable for their actions.

So far, I see little evidence of those items listed above as actually occurring in this election cycle. The tea party people mobilized very quickly after the very fiery speech by CNBC’s Rick Santelli on that Fateful day in February 2009. Mr. Santelli hit a nerve, and people responded in droves to his call for a tea party. If this can be done for taxes and out of control government spending, why can’t it be done for the children? (Maybe because the conviction is not there?) We need to have the equivalent of our own ‘tea party’ and get on with the business of saving the next generation along with ourselves.

We need to be out there as if it matters, because it does matter. We need to be out there as if our lives depend on it, because they do. We need to be out there as if our future and the future of this country is at stake, because it is. When we take this as seriously as any threats to our income and money, we will get the job done, and we very well may bring the wayward Church with us. Let’s not waste another election cycle, and come up with a strategy that will turn the tide.

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