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Monday, August 9, 2010


George Offerman

About 70 people showed up at Dr. Stuart Kernes neighborhood and home in Wakesha, Wisconsin this past Saturday. The event was coordinated by the Missionaries to the preborn, and lead by Pastor Matthew Trewhella. this event lasted about an hour, and the volunteers all carried signs that ranged from more benign requests for Dr. Kernes to cease and desist with his killing, to very graphic signs depicting heads of babies and the famous 'Malachi' poster. overall, the event seemed to go well, and the Wakesha county Sheriff made an appearance, with little fanfare though.

This group had been targeting this particular abortionist for some time, and has begun to 'turn up the heat' on him. most of the neighbors turned away from the pictures, and a few wanted us to go away, but that was not going to happen. the people their represented different denominations, and have been dedicated to making a stand against the culture of death in this manner for some time. It was also nice to see the numbers of people willing to take time out of their schedules on a Saturday afternoon to come and be physically present in this neighborhood and making a stand for the babies.

I was heartened by the dedication of these people in Wisconsin, as it was very pleasant to be around them, and I did not hear any bickering and complaining. Those who we spoke to seemed to grasp the moral turmoil our country is in, and it was very refreshing to not encounter much of the 'sophisicated thinking' that occurs on the East Coast. it was a very helpful reminder why I love 'flyover country' so much, and continue to pray that most of these arrogant and sophisticated people continue to fly over it, and not infect it with their stinking thinking.

We need to be engaged in this fight, and we need to use tactics that will work. We need to tell the truth and not be ashamed of our Christian heritage. We have such limited time to get this done, and it seems we have few laborers willing to get their hands dirty in this fight. Make a commitment to get involved and just do something. Offerman Out.

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