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Monday, August 2, 2010


George Offerman

The past few weeks have culminated with overwhelming evidence of how ‘out of it’ the so called pro life movement is. The central piece of ending this holocaust is the Supreme Court, and as USUAL, the supposed pro life movement and its supposed pro life leadership is too busy writing panty waste fund raising letters advocating support and painting their sub mediocre efforts as actual efforts to end this holocaust, while totally ignoring the REAL BATTLEFRONT and ignoring those who are really out there causing a ‘crisis of conscious’ among the few who may still listen. With the incompetence and impotence of these so called ‘leaders’ the politicians out there have NO FEAR of losing their seats and are not being held accountable for their treachery.

The treachery from the supposed pro life movement and its supposed pro life leadership runs the gamut from the supposed pro life internet presence that fails to report any activities that challenge the status quo, and threatens to make themselves look controversial. One can then move to the ‘National” groups who colluded with the enemy by their silence on this topic, while condemning those who were in the street taking the ‘bullets for the babies’. One then can look at the deadly silence of the Churches, and how they continued to give flowery pabulum to the asleep congregations in ignoring this issue, to the USCCB that didn’t even bother to make a comment. All of these groups should be greatly ashamed of themselves and repent of their sin. But they won’t, because they are too arrogant.

Yes, there were a few brave souls out there during this last true battle to filibuster Kagan, and to bring awareness of how anti life she is. Their efforts were covered by the Mainstream Media, and they created a stir wherever they went. Yes, I am referring to Randall Terry and the Insurrecta Nex team that made a heroic effort in attempting to raise the awareness to the masses how horrible Ms. Kagan will be concerning what we supposedly cherish in this country. Although Randall Terry is a hero in my eyes, this posting is not about him. It is about a man few have heard of, (and he wanted it that way) but nonetheless, he was a true warrior for the babies, and truly brought the ‘fear of God’ into those who were anti life, and to those pro lifers who didn’t have backbones.

When this man died, his funeral had to be moved to a larger town to accommodate all of the people who attended both the wake and funeral mass. Besides the standing room only crowd, several priests and the Bishop were there, as well as some prominent politicians. And this funeral took place in the dead of winter in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. God took this warrior out of the game too soon, as far as I’m concerned, and I know he would be very unhappy with me making public many of his exploits. This man really believed that one should keep as many deeds secret as to build treasures in heaven, and held and practiced this belief consistently throughout his life. The man I speak of is no other than my greatest hero, and my late father George V. Offerman.

This high school educated brick layer took his faith seriously, and stepped up to the plate concerning legalized child killing. There was not one instance in which if he did not speak up if he overheard any comments made about keeping child killing legal. He lost more friends than I can count, and even had his own family members chastise him for his beliefs, but he never budged, never compromised. He ended up taking over and revitalizing the Iron County Right to Life group, and became such a big name in the Upper Peninsula, that he was in demand to teach others how to set up pro life organizations that had the success of his.

One day, the phone rang, and he had to go into the living room to talk. It sounded like any other business phone call until I overheard him state to the caller that “If you ever turn against pro life, I will make sure you never get back into office”. After he hung up, I remember asking him “Who were you talking to, and why were you so harsh? He responded non chalantly, “Oh, it was John Engler. He is running for Governor and wants my endorsement.” John Engler was elected Governor of Michigan in 1991, and served until 2003. My dad never told this story to anyone, and had no need to brag about it. There are numerous stories I could relate about my dad that are similar to this, and most likely more that I have no idea about, but this was the way he fought this fight. On the battle field and letting the results speak for themselves. My dad also had a strong opinion about those who ‘brag’ about their exploits, that they most likely were selling snake oil, and need to get out and prove themselves.

If my dad were alive, he would be most disgusted by the wimps and weenies who sell themselves as pro lifers. He would be most disgusted with the huge amount of fund raising going on with little to no results. My dad wanted to meet Randall Terry as he was a great fan of Operation Rescue as it was then, and he liked the idea that Randall was in the field of battle and going to jail for his beliefs. My dad once told me, without even having met Randall, that “I would take a bullet for someone like that”. I’m sure my dad would have liked to meet Troy Newman (in a dark alley), and would tell people like Steve Ertelt to get off the couch and get into the real arena of the fight. My dad would have the biggest problem with the Church he loved, and would be the first one chastising both Priests and Bishops for serving communion to baby killers. This is a man who would have left no doubt about his thoughts on the pathetic nature of today’s pro life movement. Love him or hate him, he was the genuine article, and you could count on him. Characteristics absent in the current crop of leaders in the so called pro life movement.

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