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Saturday, January 29, 2011


George Offerman

It seems there is now a ‘dispute’ over the use of graphic pictures in Randall Terry’s campaign, and the individual that claims to have the copyright of said pictures has made a claim to ‘sue’ if there is not an immediate ‘cease and desist’ of using these images. This individual has used extremely harsh language towards Mr. Terry, and has accused Mr. Terry of ‘piracy’ and stated he has not met the threshold of the very reasonable ‘licensing regulations’, which would then give Mr. Terry permission to use the images. The very ironic part of this story, is this individual cited the ‘very Unbiblical lawsuit’ leveled at Troy Newman’s ‘pirating’ the name Operation Rescue, which is a trademark issue. So, we have this individual who is claiming Mr. Terry has ‘disqualified’ himself from using copyrighted material due to ‘suing’ another pro lifer is now himself threatening to sue another pro lifer over essentially the same thing. The irony is dripping, much like the blood of the dead children.

This individual also happens to be an attorney, and it is rather ironic that as an attorney, he should be very clear on trademark disputes and should know how important it is for one to protect one’s ‘property’ whether pictures or organizations and identities. In an ironic twist, this individual confirms his right to ‘protect’ his property, while denying Mr. Terry the same right, and again, this is from an attorney who should know better. It is also rather ironic that this individual jumped to a conclusion about this trademark dispute, most likely without any investigation into it, as one would expect some due diligence from a so called ‘pro life leader’ to do. So, this individual is guilty of EXACTLY what he is claiming Mr. Terry is doing; yet he exonerates himself from the same standard he is enforcing onto others. It’s funny, how I wrote a piece just 2 days ago talking about the pro life ‘management’ and it is so ironic that this individual fits to the tee, what was mentioned in the post:

The Goats happen to represent those that ‘make a living’ in this ‘movement, and while they are extremely protective of their public image, they seem to have no problem whatsoever in trashing another’s if they happen to be challenged in matters in which they should be. Maybe the better word for them is managers. After all, they seem to be ‘managing’ the movement, and want to dictate the manner in which one operates in this movement, what is the protocol, or what is politically correct and to stay within the lines of their dictates, or else….

It is also ironic that the goal of showing dead babies is to raise the awareness of legalized child killing to the largest numbers of people, and now that Mr. Terry has proposed a way of getting this done, this individual is now refusing use of ‘his’ images, and thus denying his own stated goals of his organization. How ironic, indeed. It seems it is more important for this individual to ‘control the behavior’ of others, and want to dictate the terms of how this war is fought, than the end goal of ending legalized child killing and winning the war. This individual fits the ‘manager’ term to the tee.

However, the greatest irony is the fact that WHEN these ads run, and they cause the crisis of conscience needed to create the environment to overturn Roe, this individual and his pictures will receive no credit, nor will they have had any influence in this process. History will demonstrate that this pettiness shown by this individual effectively ‘iced’ himself and his organization out of a pivotal event in overturning the most horrific practice known to mankind. This individual must be made aware of what will be missed. This train definitely will be moving, and it will pick up speed. These matters proposed will happen, and you are either on board, or left on the platform. It is only the pride of this individual that is getting in the way of a unified front, but the only choice for this individual is to get on board, or be left behind.

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