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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


George Offerman

The internet has been abuzz with loads of information and speculation concerning this MF Global failure (Now we know what the MF stands for) and what it portends for the future.  This is juxtaposed to the MSM which is downplaying this event, and making it sound like Jon Corzine was just a disinterested CEO looking on with little to no responsibility for what occurred at his firm.  Based upon the reactions from many differing factions, it would appear that this ‘event’ may very well be the tipping point that is going to start the roller coaster on its wild ride.
The more I read and the more I think about what has happened over the past two weeks, it is seemingly clearer that we are in major trouble.  There are many who have rightfully claimed the markets have been corrupt for some time.  There are others who have proven beyond a doubt the Comex has been manipulated, at least concerning the precious metals for at least 20 + years.   However, I cannot recollect at any time, where there has been a breach in trust, in which individual customer accounts were raided to pay off bad derivative bets and at least some regulatory body coming forth and making the injured customer whole again.
This is unprecedented, and beyond a doubt, is having a very chilling effect on the market.  It is with little exaggeration that everyone who has accounts in any forms in any of these companies has now been given a warning sign in neon lights: get out of the market!  NOW!!!  It is so crystal clear that if one is in the elite group, he can expect to be bailed out, pronto by the Federal Reserve on the taxpayer’s dime, but for the rest of the 99%, we are clearly on our own.  This system as it is run currently is so brazenly corrupt that it is no longer done in the dark, but in the light of day, and with little to no consequences for the perpetrators.
So, the question is, how long can an openly corrupt system operate, when it is crystal clear the average Joe cannot trust whether he can safely grow his money in the system as it is?  If the average Joe cannot grow his money in a system that he has been told is honest and right, then where does he go to grow his money?  And what becomes of this system once the majority of the ‘Joes’ gets it and decides to abandon it?  Well, this seems to be where we are at this moment in time.  Will (or can, or should) the system survive?  There seem to be many compelling reasons to think we are seeing the ending of the current economic system as we know it.
The whole reason for why the average person participates in any of these markets is to increase his net worth in order to something that is seemingly becoming more out of reach: having a better life for himself and those he loves.  When it dawns on enough people that this whole system is rigged against them, they will decide to not play anymore, and will demand that justice be done for those who stole their money from them.  Since our government has clearly not prosecuted any of these thugs, and it is looking less likely they will go after the Obama crony Corzine, the only option left for most people is to take all their money out of this corrupt system and put it in something safe, that will offer a fair and honest return on their sweat equity.
So, we very well may have hit midnight on the economy clock, as it is very apparent we are on our own to make our own future.  The new paradigm will involve being productive and will be a cash and carry system based on real and honest money.  It is now the responsibility of the individual investor to make up their minds and to act.  Time is of the premium now, and action must commence, or it very well may result in many people’s untimely demise.

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