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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


George Offerman

The more one studies the Bible and notes how God moves throughout history; it will become very apparent that God’s timing and attention to details is perfect.  Juxtapose that to many people who are currently claiming to be prophets and note most of their track records, which are pock marked with incomplete or unfulfilled prophecies, and it becomes painfully apparent these people are not the ‘real deal’.  This sets up major problems for many believers; they begin to get the sense that God is not actively involved in day-to-day life and that He is not concerned whether all details in prophecy revealed by him are met.

There are many who seem to believe we are in the beginning or middle of Revelation, and that parts of Revelation have been mitigated by prayer.  There are also many who believe nearly the opposite that we are not on the verge of major change, and that as ‘blessed’ people; we will be renewed without any seeming efforts on our part for this to happen.  There are others still who want to set dates and proceed on with times as if they are certainties, and if proven wrong as their dates pass, will downplay or deny the significance of these claims.

No matter which camp one may fall into, one thing we can know for sure is that God is never late for any of his appointments.  When anyone of any of these camps wants to violate this principle, they are in error.  If those claiming to get messages from a holy source, whether angels, the Holy Spirit, or Jesus Himself, it must be consistent with the precepts and principles of God and revelations as given in the Bible.  Otherwise, confusion and lack of faith and trust would reign, and it would not make sense to look at the Bible as a prophetic and accurate book.

Revelation, when it starts, will begin on time and will follow the prophetic timeline exactly as written.  In this way, there will be no doubt about it and there will not be any mistaking it for anything other than what it is.  But for those used to changing the times and places of prophecy, they very well may miss this, and very well deny the interpretation of what seems to be a clearly written series of events.  Similar to the first advent, those entrusted with Sacred Scripture will most likely miss this and will be way off concerning the meaning of the 14 events.  They, however, will command a majority of the world’s population in their errors, and through lack of understanding, they will lead many to perish.

God is clear that His goal is to save as many souls as possible.  This cannot be accomplished if He sends a prophecy that is not fulfilled, or that is changed at the last minute.  In order for either of these scenarios to take place, would be an admission that God is not omnipotent and not omniscient, and does not know the beginning from the end, and has no ability to control the outcome of anything.  In order for God to complete his mission of saving the maximum number of souls, it is essential that God keeps his word, and events occur precisely as He predicted.

It will require patience on the part of the believer.  We can be assured our sinful age will not go on forever, and most likely will not go on for much longer.  We are entering a vortex of time, in which something needs to give; God either is alive and interactive in the world, and needs to intervene, or we will find out God has been a myth, and the evil people and beings will win this war hands down.  Evil is in all places and in nearly all of the world’s institutions.  The common man has less and less ability to do much, if anything about these evil institutions.  The world is getting more unpredictable and unstable as the days go by, and there is very little hope for man to solve man’s problems by himself.  The time is ripe for intervention by a being that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, and there is only one Being that meets these qualifications: the Triune God.

God has promised salvation and help to those who put their trust in him.  God is not sleeping, daydreaming, watching sports, playing the markets, incompetent or late.  God will show up on time with great majesty and do exactly what He said he would do.   God keeps his word and there ought to be no fear in the believer concerning this aspect.  What we may need to watch out for is the tendency to want to rush judgment or hope we see it.  These are not pleasant times, and it will get much worse before it gets better.  But we as Christians can be assured that as long as we ask for God’s assistance, He will keep us in the shadow of his wings.

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