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Monday, November 21, 2011


George Offerman

I have been a long time reader of Gerald Celente, and have been rather stunned at his accuracy in calling many of the trends and ‘headlines’ that have occurred over the years.  Mr. Celente is very well respected in the economic circles and is often sought out to comment on the current events, and normally does so with great clarity.  So, it really stunned me to see that Mr. Celente’s gold was stolen from him in the MF Global debacle, and it goes to show how brazen these people are when it comes to playing with other people’s money, and taking their money when these @$$holes lose their bets.

For those who think this is a bunch of conspiracy theory hooey, this event ought to be a huge wake up call and a warning that the powers that be do not give a donkey’s rear end about you or your well being.  It has been totally about them and their unquenching thirst for money and power.  MF Global has basically violated all lawful and moral standards, in which through their bankruptcy, froze supposed ‘segregated’ customer accounts while the markets were still open.  It disallowed for customers to access their money or holdings of COMEX receipts (supposedly good as gold) and are mixing the funds of these accounts with that of the firm itself, which is illegal.

The amount of money in dispute comes to about $2.2 billion.  Although not a small amount, it pales in comparison to the $2.1 TRILLION given to domestic and foreign banks by the Federal Reserve over the past two years, which in essence, covered bad derivative bets by the ‘too big to fail’ banks.  While the government and its crony regulatory bodies have no problems putting taxpayer monies on the line for their fellow cronies, these same criminals will allow the gross violation of the law by not paying back these individual customers, but most likely will not even follow through and file criminal charges against these thieves.

I have run into two very relevant postings by two people I am greatly inspired by that cover these points much better and clearer than I will ever be able to do.  I will link both articles to this posting and I highly encourage you to read both of them.  The first is from Ted Butler, the worlds foremost silver guru and first man to uncover the precious metals manipulation on the CRIMEX nearly two decades ago.  Mr. Butler discusses how this MF Global scandal is really a historical moment in time, but currently unrecognized as such.  The ramifications are huge, and have yet to be played out on the world’s stage, but it seems this criminal activity is a game changer and may end the system as we know it in short order.


The second is from Ann Barnhardt CEO of the Barnhardt Capital Management, Inc.  In short, Ms. Barnhardt closed her business due to the breakdown of law and order, and succinctly points out that the cornerstone of all markets is integrity, honesty and trust.  The MF Global fiasco has proven beyond a doubt that the market is now rigged for the money powers, and there is absolutely no safety or assurance anyone will get their money or commodities out of this market.  Ms. Barnhardt goes further, and recommends that ALL CUSTOMERS get out of this market and to not reenter until the cronies in the White House and in government are replaced with people of integrity.  This is a very powerful letter, and should be required reading for everyone in this country.

http://barnhardt.biz/     refer to BCM has ceased operations, part I and II.

It is beyond imagination that the thievery has come to the level and magnitude it is now at.  The brazen thievery and subsequent cover-ups are stories that Al Capone couldn’t even have dreamed up.  Yet, here it is, and it seems like so many don’t care and don’t see the connections between our collapsing economy and the liars and thieves that run the asylum.  The dots will soon be connected, and there will be no mistaking the cause of the misery soon to befall us.  It seems the worst case scenario is going to play itself out, and the lack of preparation by the common man is going to devastate countless numbers that ought not to have to go through this engineered crash.

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