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Thursday, November 3, 2011


George Offerman

It’s been quite a while since I did any of my hermeneutics postings and so this posting will be somewhat  like that.  I have had a few people ask me what I thought about this 2005 yu55 asteroid that is supposed to pass by the earth on November 8th.  So, I thought I would look into this matter and see what is being said about it.  During my research, I also happen to run into the story about a comet Elenin, and what initially peaked my interest in both stories is an asteroid and comet would fulfill the second and third trumpets to a ‘T’.

I also ran into several sites that brought up some interesting points.  According to at least one of them, it is making the claim that NASA has given misinformation pertaining to the asteroid, and is actually anticipating a pacific strike, somewhere between Alaska and north of Japan.  A water strike is what is prophesized, and it would definitely be within the realm of possibility.  I have also heard several people involved in Government clearly state on matters of emergency, such as nuclear war, that the ‘official’ policy taken by the government is to not warn the citizenry, in order to alleviate panic and chaotic situations.  So, one may make the argument that it is not beyond the possibility of such ‘disinformation’ to be forwarded.

These things being said, I did my research and it appears these matters mentioned do not seem to be as dire as many may think.  According to pictures and visuals of the comet Elenin taken by many amateur astronomers around the world, it appears to have broken up and is now wandering into the dark and deep space, not to return for almost 12,000 years.  There are sites claiming this is not true, but these sites also minimize or deny the hundreds of eyes watching it and the mathematical trajectory work and observations that have proven it is out of our way.  With this being the case, we can eliminate this candidate fulfilling the third trumpet.

There, then is another difficulty with this asteroid fulfilling the second trumpet.  Preceding the second trumpet is the great earthquake and the first trumpet.  So far, neither has occurred, and I suppose technically speaking we do have 6 days before this asteroid would strike, but that would sure crunch the timeframe into a little opening, and it seems very unlikely that it could happen.  (We will definitely know this to be a fact in the next few days).

We would also need to see the appearance of the 144,000 and two witnesses.  And if these did not appear, we would at least need to hear from a prophet concerning these matters, and this as well has not manifested itself.  So, as we look at the differing aspects of the prophecy it seems to draw a clear picture that the conditions that are needed to fulfill Revelation are not present.

I know there are some that are anticipating such an event.  As I have repeated ad nauseum, no one in their right mind would want to see Revelation fulfilled in their lifetime.  But that being said, it does not mean it cannot happen and one should not attempt to fit an event, such as an asteroid hitting the earth into the prophecy if the preceding conditions have not been met.  We simply have to take a methodical look at what is going on, and use proper hermeneutics to determine if current events fulfill prophecy as written in its totality.

I don’t believe we will even see an asteroid strike until Revelation.  The reasons I have, of course, are total speculation, but it is scripturally based.  Jesus continually compared Revelation and the second coming to Noah, and Jesus made clear the event of the flood had never been witnessed in human history up to that time.  If we had an asteroid impact outside of Revelation, it may have too strong of a possibility of watering down the message of Revelation, as we would find we survived the impact, and would not see these events as ‘earth stopping’.

So, as far as I’m concerned, November 8 will come and go without mishap.  This will be one more time I have been the ‘wet blanket’ for those who want to be sensationalists and predict things that will not come to pass.  This is the way prophecy ought to be handled: God gave prophecy for the explicit reason of preparing those of the faith of His movements and an explanation of why and what is to come so believers can know it is from God.  We live in difficult times as it is.  We should not be adding additional burdens to those already stressed out and concerned about day to day survival, by talking about nonsense that will not come true.

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