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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


George Offerman

So many people are focused on the OWS movement and other factions that are beginning to stir up against the powers that be that they are not seeing or paying any attention to, or maybe are not even aware of the more dangerous undercurrent movement (for the powers that be).  And while groups like the OWS are rightfully angry over the state of things, they are not articulating a position in any way that is inspiring large segments of society to join their cause.  However, there is a group that not only can articulate their anger and frustrations very clearly, but they are now starting to actively do something about it, albeit quietly (for now).

This large group is composed of those who are making a decent to comfortable living, but not well enough to be considered the ‘1%’ everyone seems focused on.  This group is made up of those individuals and families that work hard, have played by the rules by living within their means, buying houses and cars they can afford, teaching their children to be good citizens and to have a love for their fellow man, and pay the vast majority of taxes that is funding the bottom half of the population of this country.  This group, for the most part, has been silent and at least up until now, believed this country was salvageable.  I will call these people the 45% that make this country work.

Many, if not most of those that make up the various Occupy movements are unemployed college graduates with large student loan balances, no jobs and are not really participating in the economy of this country.  Hence, other than making headlines and dirtying up local parks and streets these young people are not making much of an impact with the banksters and hooligans that are current office holders.  It is not that they are mistaken in their beliefs, it is they lack credibility due to not playing an active role in the economy, and as such, have difficulty in articulating what they want and how change ought to take place.

This is not true with the 45%.  The 45% have paid their dues, played by the rules and create the vast majority of jobs and commerce in this country.  The 45% are the true backbone of this country, and if this group quits, it’s lights out and lock the door time for this country.  And if one takes the time to look around he would soon notice, that in fact, there are those that are beginning to quit as they realize the game is rigged and they have the most to lose by continuing to pretend things are ‘normal’ and will get back to a more stable equilibrium.

The 45% are the ones that make sure their mortgages, car payments and utilities are paid on time.  The 45% are the ones meticulously socking away small percentages of their pay ever 2 weeks into instruments like 401K’s believing there will be a time in which they can get out of the rat cage while their bodies still function reasonably well and they can enjoy a few good years with the fruits of their labors.  The 45% are the ones that make too much to qualify for any ‘program’ the government sets out, but are the ones stuck with the bill so that others can ‘qualify’.  The 45% are the ones that feel the sting the most when out of control government wants to ‘raise revenue’ and these folks then need to deal with real budget cuts on a personal level.  The 45% are also the most chastised and abused by an insane MSM, selfish and sociopathic government and especially by the greedy bastard parasitic banksters.

There are many in this group who are now starting to quit.  The vast majority is doing this quietly, but it is the banksters that notice when they quit, because real money and resources leaves their coffers, and it lowers tax revenues for the corrupt government.  It is this group that both the banksters and government need to keep in line and make sure their gravy trains continues.  But what neither of thee groups seems to understand is that it is the 45% who best understand the nature of the game and fund the game, and are now ready to exit the game.  One of these people who quit the game, takes way more resources from the crony groups than a whole city full of Occupy people who don’t contribute.

It is this group that will ultimately end the corruption game, when they begin to leave en masse.  It may not take much more for this to occur, as we have observed in other countries around the world that hit their flashpoints when their governments pushed too far.  This day is coming, and it may be here much sooner than what anyone would be willing to admit.  In the mean time, it would bode well for many to begin preparation for rough times, and take these matters seriously. 

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