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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Jewish Holocaust and the American Holocaust of Babies:
Why They Are NOT the Same

   For decades the pro-life movement has made the comparison between the slaughter of unborn babies and the holocaust of Jews in Nazi Germany.

   During many TV or radio interviews I have given, I have discussed the similarity between Nazi Germany and America, only to have the hosts or the callers howl in rage that such a comparison is improper, even ethically wrong.

   I have long pondered the differences of these two killing sprees, and have come to the conclusion that my critics are correct: these two holocausts are in fact quite different…in regards to the victims.

   I will now delineate six distinct areas of difference that come to my mind, and leave it to the reader to determine my subsequent conclusions.

   1) A Jew could flee. There are many stories of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany or the nations that were occupied by Nazi forces. By God’s kindness – and often with the kindness and risks of friends and strangers – Jews fled to safety.

   In contrast, and unborn baby cannot flee. With a few stunning exceptions – such as late term babies who survive an attempted abortion, or a woman with twins has one baby killed, and the second one escapes detection – those offered up to the abortionist’s knife are hunted and slain.

   2) A Jew could beg for his/her life. Again, stories are told, movies have been made, highlighting the Jews who begged for mercy from their assailants and captors, and received it.

   Conversely, a baby cannot beg for mercy. They have no audible voice. When sought for death, they are dispatched…with at most a silent scream.

   3) A Jew could hide. The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom and The Diary of Anne Frank relate the concealment of families and individuals from the Nazis. Some survived, others did not. But the opportunity to hide did exist for some.

   A baby has no hiding place; no secret corner in the womb to conceal herself from her assassins. Who the blade seeks, it finds.

   4) A Jew could cry for help. Certain Jews escaped death because their cries for help were heard at home and abroad.

   In contrast, a baby cannot cry out to friends, strangers, or sympathetic advocates. The child is speechless before the executioner in the secret place of the womb. He lives and dies mute…unheard to all…but God.

   5) A Jew could defend himself. To our amazement, the number of times that this happened seems to be few and far between. But surely it did happen, and assuredly it could have happened. The ability was present, even if the will was not.

   Conversely, the in-utero child has no might equal to the suction machine that tears her limb from limb; no strength to fend off the scalpel and forceps that butcher him like a lamb at the slaughter.

   6) Jews could band together for self-defense. The recent movie Defiance – based on the true story – depicted Jews who banded together, and used force (violence) to protect themselves from their would-be murderers. (Such self-defense was absolutely ethical; their God-given right.)

   Unborn boys and girls enjoy no such opportunity for joint resistance. They are alone in the womb (unless there are twins or triplets, etc.) with no chance to form a “confederacy of fetuses” to physically oppose their slayers. Each lives alone, and perishes alone in a merciless death.

   Beyond these six physical differences, the distinctive human motivations and feelings of both sets of killers deserve to be contrasted and compared.

   Anti-Semitism is a plaque in the earth; a vile sin against God and the human race. However, the perversion and corruption of reason and conscience through the propaganda of anti-Semites coupled with the xenophobia that naturally haunts our souls can at least offer explanation how some weak-minded and corrupted fools might be led to believe that “the Jews are the problem.”

   But who – except for a few Malthusian scoundrels – really believes that “babies are the problem”? The natural maternal and paternal bond is so strong; that longing of a female to hold and cherish her own baby, or a man to father his own son or daughter is one of the strongest urges known to mankind.

   What type of evil…what type of perversion…what type of sinister and demonic forces are at work in the earth and in our souls that we would defy all that we are – and defy the very God-given urge to bear and embrace our offspring – to the point that we would kill our own children?

   The above six differences – augmented by the chasm of disparity between the motivation to hate any people group vs. the deliberate murder of our own flesh and blood – lead me to conclude that these two holocausts are not only different, but that the slaughter of unborn babies is a far worse crime against God and man.

   The shedding of innocent blood, “the blood of their sons and daughters,” is a vile, unspeakable crime. The blood of these babies cries to the heavens. Let us not be surprised when God smites this nation – and the earth – with a curse, in response to the cry of that innocent blood.

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