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Friday, October 9, 2009


George Offerman

36 years ago, people could leave their car and house doors unlocked, people could walk around at night without fear, children could play outside and neither they nor the parents had to worry about their safety, people knew and liked their neighbors, and had more of a sense of community. Children obeyed their parents, intact homes were the norm, and children were taught right from wrong. People in the community used to watch out for each other and when there were problems with a family, one could count on at least a sympathetic ear, or assistance in many different ways.

36 years ago, schools taught reading, writing and arithmetic, and did not have hidden agenda’s or attempt to teach a curriculum that contradicted home and religious values. Schools also enforced civility and manners, and the largest problems encountered there were chewing gum, talking in the hallways and class, cutting in line during lunch and talking back to the teachers. One would be sent to the principal’s office for misbehaving, and most often, a threat to call home was enough to stop any bad behavior.

36 years ago, the Church was strong and well respected. People attended Services and Mass regularly, and had a deeper sense of the need to depend on God. One could go to nearly any church, and have a good experience of the Holy, without interruption by disruptive children, or electronical gadgets, and most abided by the dress code “Sunday best”. The clergy taught right from wrong, and one could trust going to their pastor or priest and getting Godly counsel.

36 years ago, society abided by law and civility in most matters. People could get their cars fixed by honest mechanics, almost any repairs and services on about anything would be done promptly and correctly the first time for reasonable fees. One could trust his money in banks and the stock market, and leave sizeable wealth for their children. Most could work for a corporation for 40 years, in which both company and employee showed mutual loyalty, and depend upon a solid retirement that would last the rest of one’s life. Most people obeyed the laws because the laws followed common sense and the 10 commandments and the government for the most part, stayed out of the way of the individual and family.

36 years ago, government was smaller and more fiscally responsible. Politicians, like Nixon, who were caught breaking the law, were sent packing. One used to be able to walk into the Capitol unencumbered and access their representatives. One could also run for office without having to expose every single flaw or have their families trashed in the process. People respected their government and believed the government was looking out for their best interests, primarily by staying out of their everyday lives.

Now one may say ‘those were simpler times, and were more unsophisticated”. Many believe today we are more sophisticated and enlightened, and make light of those who believe this country would be going backwards if we simply embraced the values of the past. It would seem these individuals must like the fact that we live in one of the most violent societies now, with a divorce rate of over 50%, a bloated government that regulates us to death, a church with no spine and that is disrespected, a very large breakdown in civility, little sense of community, and an overly paranoid society that is obsessed with safety and cannot even trust, in some cases, people in the same household.

Yes, it would seem that in order to be considered ‘sophisticated’ by the current standard; one must need to be blind and dumb. Considering what is taught in the schools, preached from the pulpit, fed by the television and newspapers, and legislated from the government, it is a good bet.

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