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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


George Offerman

We now have seen the Baukus amendment to HR 3200, and it does call for funding of child killing, which Obama vehemently denied would be the case. This, of course, is no surprise to most of the pro lifers, and it was inevitable for it to end up in this godless bill. Now the question is, What is next for the pro life movement, and what are we going to do about it?

What utterly blows my mind is how many Christians can give someone like Obama a free pass on integrity. This man outright lies, and these people look the other way. The mentality is “well he’s a politician, of course he is going to lie”. Well, would you accept your wife or husband lying to you about an affair, or spending too much money? Would it be ok for your employer to lie to you about your job, or not pay you the money promised? We don’t accept lying in these arenas, so why is it ok to be lied to by politicians, and not others? Do we not realize these people carry great weight in our lives by basically dictating what we can and cannot do? Has lying ever resulted in truth?

Why the public in general, and Christians in particular are not in a near rebellious state is rather frustrating, and I often wonder how bad things need to get before people ‘wake up”. We are watching our country disappear before us, and a monstrosity being built to take it’s place. These truly are scary times, and we need to respond in a proportional fashion that is required for the challenge presented.

One of the pro life’s responses to this is the “I am 71” program, that will e mail congress a picture of the petitioner, and send forth a request to stop this bill. It is being sold as ‘looking us in the eyeballs”. Sorry, folks, this is not going to get the job done. Why do you believe you can engage the enemy from a distance and win? There has never been a war won without ground troops risking their lives and physically securing the battle field. This war is no exception, and it allows for people to feel like they are doing something of value, but are actually diverting needed energy and action from the real battle field, which requires bodies on the field.

It does no good for us to lie to ourselves about the ineffectiveness of these actions, despite the good intentions. They have not worked for the past 36 years, and will not work now. The enemy is telling us what routes are acceptable to fight in, and they are dictating the terms of the battle. If we allow this, the battle and war is lost. It is time to stop the lying to ourselves and get onto the side of truth. This requires us to engage in this war by being present physically at the points of contention. We need to be at the congress, at the churches, at offices, making phone calls and writing letters. An email can be deleted, but real eyeballs are hard to avoid.

It is time we play for keeps, and get serious about it. We cannot possibly win without putting our comfort and convenience on the line. 36 years is enough time to see we are losing big, and God is not going to wait forever as incompetent people dictate strategies they think will win when they have no experience in winning. It is old fashioned ‘elbow grease and shoe leather’ that is going to get this done.

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