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Thursday, October 8, 2009


George Offerman

There is a Biblical principle of “sowing and reaping”. This principle states “you reap what you sow”. The explanation seems to be simple on the surface, that the more death we sow, the more we will reap later on. However, there must be more to this than initially meets the eye.

First, the sowing must take place, and most often it is with the knowledge of conscious decision making processes. After the sowing, germination and growth occur, then when in full bloom, harvest time. So it would seem that the law of sowing and reaping could go something like this: you reap what you sow, you reap later than you sow, and you reap more than you sow. So what is it we should expect?

We have been killing children for 36 years. Why has this been? The answer given most often is for convenience, and one’s ability to live an immoral life, and not have to deal with unintended consequences. Now, obviously there are other reasons and circumstances in which one may fall into, but the point of this writing is to look at the fruits, which according to God’s laws, we will surely reap.

When we look at our American society today, we are seeing massive breakdown in almost all arenas. The first to go has been economic. The money situation has been growing more dire by the day and we are looking at the possibility of a total collapse of our monetary system. Property values have gone down nearly 40% since the housing bubble burst, and the outlook for more foreclosures in the near future is fairly certain. People are fearful of losing their jobs, and most are one to two paychecks away from being homeless. The government is not being truthful with us in how bad the situation really is, and this is deliberate. There literally could be riots if the people understood the real situation, and all the scoundrels would be run out of town on a rail.

Violence and crime are up. Murder rates break records in most major cities on an annual basis. Domestic violence is way up, as is rape, armed robbery and petty larcenies. White collar crime is now overwhelming petty crimes and the magnitude of thievery is beyond comprehension, such as the case of Madoff, and his 100 billion dollar rip off. We also have the runaway entitlement programs, that are legalized ponzi schemes, in which non producers in this country take from the producers, with no real means for the producers to challenge or to get out of this situation.

Moral and ethical systems are breaking down. We see the church being mocked in such productions and writings as the “De Vinci Codes”. The homosexual scandals have nearly emasculated the authority of the church, and the enemies’ side is having a field day with this. Most people do not believe in absolutes anymore, and this opens up the world to ‘anything goes’ and this is includes Christians. Our entertainment venues have also become infected with this curse. We have more horror and slahser movies now than ever before, and blood and gore are glorified to a very high degree. One can even see more violence entering into what used to be competitive sports, and it goes as far as rabid fans making comments about going to hockey games for the fights, and worse yet, going to NASCAR or other auto races to see car crashes.

Yet, if you notice, the greatest disdain is leveled at those willing to take a stand against this lifestyle and the social cesspool we call modern society. It is interesting that the average American believes we are more ‘sophisticated’ now than 36 years ago, but it is quite amazing the same individual cannot see the prison he now lives in. There is way less freedom than a generation ago, but most are blinded by the relativistic lines from the media and the powers that be, that all is well, and keep going to the malls and spend your money. There is no worse prison than being locked up, and believing you are free.

We are reaping the crop we’ve sown, and it is ugly. The amount of work necessary to clean this up is most likely more than what the current crop of Americans are willing to do (at least at this moment in time). Comfort and convenience rule and this gives us an idea where God will act next.

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