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Saturday, October 3, 2009


George Offerman

Over the past several postings, I covered a great many topics that seem to be interrelated to the abortion issue. In looking at these differing topics, we begin to get an idea of the forces behind the efforts to keep child killing legal. The list of enemies is long, and that is only considering those who hate Christianity and want to see this moral system end. There are also enemies within the camp that co conspire with the enemy on the outside, as the enemies within the pro life camp see this as an opportunity to propagate their own ‘profiting’ off of the movement, whether it be financial or fame.

There is no question the pro life movement, with its uncompromising goal of ending legalized child killing is a very uphill battle. It bodes well for us to understand the forces behind the legalized child killing, and what their goals are in keeping this legal. Ultimately we know the prime mover in this battle is the father of all lies and the destroyer. This destroyer has his own people, and they are well organized. On the other side is God, but his people are not as well organized, and in many cases outnumbered. However, God only needs one with the truth in the right places, such as Elijah.

There is the constant debate whether there is a conspiracy, or ‘illuminati’ or other forces behind world events that appear ‘random’. The answer is so self evident that it is amazing people of good will even have to debate it. Of course there are forces out there conspiring against God and the light, and of course they exist in the dark, as Jesus taught. Satan is currently in the realm of the invisible and needs to make his plans manifest through people. This requires organization, and by it’s nature, secretive. There is no question that many of the seemingly random events are coordinated by people in power, given to them by the prince of this world.

One needs to understand that in the end we win. Satan and Babylon will be destroyed in the end, but before then there will be a time for Babylon Rev 13:7 ‘The first beast (Babylon) will make war against the saints and conquer them.’ So sometime between now and the rising of the beast from the sea in Revelation, there needs to be organization and consolidation of power, money and authority by the dark side. The first beast, Babylon will be made from people, but the second beast, rising from the earth, the ‘lamb like’ beast, is the physical appearance of Satan. He then gives his power to the first beast and makes an image of it.

Satan, the perfectly sinful creature that he is would not give any authority to a man made system, unless he was behind it. Pride would stop this, and Revelation leaves no wiggle room for this to be a ‘random’ event or series of events. This is coordinated from the spiritual realm and manifested by people. So, currently we are in the realm of the pre Revelation time of conglomeration of power, wealth and authority to the dark side, which will have its ‘hour’ of time.

It amazes me how many Christians have no difficulty acknowledging our ability to get together and make plans to protest, pray or do other activities that will better the world, yet balk at or belittle the idea that evil can and does the same thing. Do you really believe Satan, knowing his time is short, is spending time playing tiddlywinks? Jesus cast out demons from people, and I am certain there are many possessed individuals in society. What do we think they are up to anyway? Doing their master’s bidding.

If one doesn’t think there are conspiracies, explain the Federal Reserve System created by the huge banking dynasties in secret. What about the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission? What about the famous stones in Georgia that gives the diabolical new ’10 commandments’ for the new age? What about all the genetically engineered crops that are causing havoc with the unaltered crops. What about cloning and stem cell research on aborted fetuses? What about the vaccines, drugs, the spread of bizarre illnesses? The list goes on, but be clear, there is something (someone) behind all evil acts and as Christians, we know who it is. (Related to this is an update on the flying pigs series by F. William Engdahl)


Again, the good news is we win in the end. Our hope is in our Lord and it will be Him who puts an end to this. In the mean time we are to be his hands and feet, and remain in the fight. Our efforts may result in what will appear to be lost battles, but only at the end of time, will we know for sure. We are to persevere, pray and continue standing up for the light and walking the walk of faith.

Now what does legalized child killing have to do with these things? My thoughts are: Satan’s attempt to stop the appearance of the 144,000. As in the first advent, Herod, through Satan’s influence, had children killed to stop the appearance of the Christ. The 144,000 will be there to prepare the way for the Lord, and like God’s prophesies, require exact fulfillment as stated. Satan knows if he kills enough people, he may get ‘lucky’ and kill a few of the 144,000 before they are born, and thus eliminate the appearance of these ‘Elijah’ people, as there cannot be 143,999 to fulfill the prophesy as written.

Now, a few words about the “illuminati’ or other organized power brokers out there. We do know who the major money powers are, and on the Anglo, European side, it is the House of Rothschild, and the Rockefellers, with the possibility of the House of Windsor in England. The best way to describe these people are: incompetent, inbred idiots. They believe they know what’s best for the world, and are attempting to go about changing it into their image. They are proactive in their goals of reducing the population, and passing on their version of the hellish ‘gospel of scarcity’. However, they cannot possibly know everything that is going on, or control all aspects of the complicated workings of society, but they are definitely opportunists, and look for events either in nature or man made to effect advancement of their agenda.

We should not underestimate nor ignore their power, but on the other hand, we also must be aware of their power source (Satan) and be very aware they will have their day, but will ultimately go to their own destruction, made by their own hands. Remember, Satan loves no one, and is a double crosser. He will show no loyalty to the creators of Babylon and this will be evident when he eliminates this first beast once it no longer serves his needs. As sharp and knowledgeable as Satan is, he is not omnipotent, omniscient, nor omnipresent and cannot cover all possibilities and outcomes. The prince of this world is no match for the King of the Universe. He will lose big, and all those with him will go down in flames.

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