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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


George Offerman

It is so easy nowadays to state “I am a Christian” and go about one’s day without much effort or thought to what that means or entails. Belief in God in today’s world is so fickle and relative, that there is no real challenge to one’s way of life or personal philosophy when considering what is required to be a Christian.

Comfort and convenience is the name of the game, and is the measure in which many modern Christians use when looking at their lives. It is often taught, even from the pulpit, that a good Christian ‘loves’ and this love is primarily manifested in ‘good will’, getting along or ‘tolerance’ for differences in thought and beliefs. Unfortunately, this is not what is written in scripture, and the façade of this false religion will soon be removed.

What we are seeing today is the beginnings of at least a cleansing, if not outright judgment by God. The fruits are everywhere, and one pretty much has to have their head buried in the sand to not see this. God has given clear instructions in his book, the Bible, as well as direction from His church on what the role of the Christian is in this world. There are basic tenets that need to be followed, a sort of ‘minimum wage’ that are required for true peace and prosperity to exist. Too often, this is taught as aspects to aspire for, not minimals to be kept.

If we cannot determine that life starts at conception, as the Bible states, then how are we to determine more complex matters that require discernment? When people, who claim to be walking with the Lord, cannot seem to believe the basics of when life begins, how can these same individuals be trusted with larger questions? This is evident in the fact that people can have no thoughts to real blood being shed, 3,000 at a time, then condemn others for standing up against this slaughter. Unfortunately, it is their own cowardice showing up instead of faith.

Real faith in God requires action, and that action must be proportional to the wrongs or sins being committed. God will also judge on the same basis, if you allow for the innocent to die unjustly, you will be subject to unjust death. This is the principle of ‘an eye for an eye’ Lev 24: 19-21, Exod: 21: 22-25, Deut: 19:21 and that Jesus referenced in Matt 5:38. God does this because He is a just God, and to simply look the other way when injustice is done would put God on par with his enemy Satan. Yes, God is merciful, but He is just, and this seems to be the point lost in modern Christianity. Atonement for wrongs need to happen, and they need to perfectly balance out in order for Grace to be fully realized.

We are given an opportunity by repenting, and cleansing our land of the sin and atrocities, but it is a limited opportunity, and we are squandering it. There needs to be real repentance, and it needs to start by ending legalized child killing, as well as other sinful practices that mimic Sodom and Gomorrah. We need to get back to our roots, repent of our sins, and cleanse this land before God has to intervene.

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