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Friday, October 23, 2009


George Offerman

“Seek the Lord while He may be found, call on Him while He is still near” Isaiah 55:6

If one has been reading the previous posts and paying attention to this information, it should start to gel’ and a picture will begin to emerge that we are in trouble. I have been hearing from friends, some family, and too many of my clients over the past few years that “something bad is about to happen, but I can’t put my finger on it”. We are in the midst of a monetary collapse and a way of life that is about to end, whether or not these are the end times. Change is on its way, like it or not, believe it or not, ready or not.

I am still getting a lot of ‘flack’ over conspiracy. I neither have the desire nor the patience to debate this topic anymore with the uninformed. What I have discovered over the decades while studying prophesy is the ones who speak with great authority have a few things over those who don’t: a great thirst for knowledge, centered in truth, perseverance to continue even if alone or hitting ‘dead ends’ while learning, willing to give and stand up for an unpopular message, fear and resistance from the uninformed, and attention from the dark powers, which can range from slander to death

For instance, I have written about God’s money, and focused on silver. I believe when the time occurs (if we have it) Ted Butler will be called to testify in front of a house or senate committee and TOTALLY tear up Barney Frank and his top one thousand advisers. I believe Ted Butler could be woken out of a dead sleep, and in 5 minutes with no notes or any preparation, would say more about the monetary and silver situation than Barney Frank could ever conceive of in the atom sized brain in his head. If we are fortunate enough to see that day, I want a front row seat.

It’s people like Ted Butler (in silver), Larry Wilson (Study of Revelation), and others, like Randall Terry who are my heroes. They have proven their mettle by taking the hits that came their way, and are some of the most educated people I have ever met or have come to know. God has promised that those who study Revelation in particular, and the Bible in general, with blessings and understandings. If I didn’t understand passages or Books of the Bible, I always seemed to meet someone who did and it always seemed to be about the time I wanted to give up on the studies. There are people who have way greater knowledge than I do, and I’m not claiming to be a ‘big shot’ in the least. I just feel called to share what I have learned and challenge those who have not taken the time, to do so before things get too dicey. “For lack of knowledge, my people perish” Hos 4:6

This knowledge I am referring to is the proper and truthful application of the knowledge. For instance, everyone is ‘knowledgeable” about gravity, so it would be well understood that if someone jumped off a building, one would understand the outcome, which would be the person hitting the pavement at a high rate of speed. Hence, no one understanding the law of gravity would debate whether that person knew what would happen, the only debate they would have is whether to label them ‘suicidal’ or ‘stupid’. You never hear anyone saying “I personally don’t believe in gravity, so I’m going to walk off this building and float”. They would be locked up in a hospital that treats non medical issues. In this example, one would be properly applying this law, and would be able to predict accurately the outcome of anyone breaking this law.

God’s laws are even more absolute than gravity, but treated as relativistic. This, unfortunately, is a deadly misinterpretation of God’s laws and God’s character. We are given enough warnings through his word, and human history has verified God’s word and prophesies to understand God follows through EXACTLY as He says. When God warns us to protect life, especially the weak, infirmed and most vulnerable, He means it! He has also made clear that the shedding of innocent blood requires retribution, and innocent blood also “cries out” from the ground, and He hears this cry. Do you want to risk eternity on ‘messing’ with the meaning of this interpretation? I don’t.

We are called to be God’s and Jesus’ hands and feet while here. Are you willing to stand up and be counted, or are you going to sit in the back of the room, in the shadows, and ‘hope’ you are not seen by the master as he looks for laborers? Come forward, and develop the ‘courage’ muscle before the opportunity slips away. I don’t believe we have a lot of time before ‘something’ happens. Whether it is, as Fred Sanford stated, “this is the big one” or a cleansing, something is ready to take place, and the dark forces are well mobilized and ready to act. Be like Ted Butler, Larry Wilson, Randall Terry and others and stand up to this beast. Our lives, here and in eternity, depend on it.

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