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Monday, October 26, 2009


George Offerman

My wife and I attended the Michael Brown retreat this past Saturday in New Jersey. For those of you who don’t know who Michael Brown is, he is a journalist who started the Website Spirit Daily in 2000. Mr. Brown is a Roman Catholic, who has been following current events that have spiritual significance, and has written several books that deal with issues such as the after life, spiritual warfare, and prophesy. Mr. Brown is one of the most pragmantical journalists concerning religious issues I have ever had the pleasure to encounter, and his retreat covered the above mentioned areas in a well organized, thoughtful, and well documented fashion.

The retreat started by focusing on the after life, and went over hundreds of documented near death experiences that had very similar descriptions. Basically, many had the positive experience of going through a tunnel, and meeting a light, which some described as Jesus, others described angels, and others described as deceased relatives. Usually there was some form of life review, and a heightened awareness of surroundings, light, colors and an enhanced sense of well being. Some experiences something closer to Purgatory, a place described as dark and grey, but without having any entities that looked or acted demonic. Some had the experience of going to a place like hell, where the sense of dread was nothing that could be described in this life, and there demons were present, that looked very much like many of the statues of gargoyles and other creatures’ artists have depicted in their art forms.

From the afterlife, Mr. Brown transitioned into spiritual warfare, and discussed how there has been a noticeable ‘quickening’ in the past few weeks. He discussed how this seems to occur around the “Devil’s Christmas, Halloween”. Mr. Brown was able to offer very pragmatical advice in combating evil and discussed the difference between demonic activity and ‘earthbound spirits’ of deceased humans in very clear terms. Mr. Brown was able to give very pragmatical advice on the use of blessed items, prayers to use if noticing any sort of spiritual activities, and how to deal with the spirit of anger, and forgiveness.

The afternoon session focused mainly on prophesy, in which Mr. Brown discussed medjugorje and its fruits and messages, and cited how the seers have only spoken about receiving secrets, but give no details concerning the contents of the secrets, only mentioning they will occur during the life of the seers. Mr. Brown also covered what he calls the 1990 prophesy, that is covered in his book, The Tower of Light. The 1990 prophesy is based upon ‘another chance’ for humanity to correct a potential ‘evil’ similar to abortion to stave off judgments or chastisements, but noted how this test, based upon genetics and cloning, is failing miserably. He discussed that we are possibly getting near the end of a ‘pre warning’ phase of time, and could be entering the ‘warning’ phase within 2 years. This information is based upon a number of credible visions and locutions by a number of people who have had credibility in this area. Mr. Brown also showed how the prophesies have occurred as written so far, giving more credibility to the claims made.

The retreat wrapped up with a brief discussion about the new world order, and emerging proof that the dark forces are gaining ground, and Mr. Brown actually named the Rockefeller Foundation as the main culprit in funding such endeavors as eugenics, Planned Parenthood, sterilization programs in third world countries, genetically modified foods and the control over the food systems. Mr. Brown also went into how the new world order is lead by Satanic forces that are spiritual in nature, and the manifestations of this so far have not been all encompassing, but have been more of a generalized attack.

Overall, the retreat was well run, and hard hitting with documented evidence of the topics covered. I highly recommend this retreat if people can get to it. Mr. Brown unfortunately has had to take on the role of the church, by openly discussing and teaching about matters that should be main stream teachings of the church and proclaimed on a regular basis. Get to a session if you can.


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