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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Dear Friend,

My family and I are very moved by the outpouring of condolences, love, and prayers we have received concerning the untimely death of my son Jamiel. We are all still in a state of shock and severe grief. God have mercy, Christ have mercy. We still beg your prayers.

The funeral arrangements are below for Atlanta. All are welcome to attend. (Details below.) A funeral and committal to the grave will be held in Rochester NY next Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Many have called or written asking, “What can I do?”

Please pray for our entire family; join us if possible in Atlanta on this Friday and Saturday, or in Rochester New York on Wednesday, December 7 (details to be announced.)

In lieu of flowers, the family requests a gift to help
purchase a headstone for Jamiel’s grave,
and to help with funeral expenses. (Click here.)
We thank you for your kindness.

Many people are aware of the stress that existed between Jamiel and me because of my work to stop homosexual marriage, and his decision to embrace the homosexual lifestyle, and to fight to legalize homosexual marriage.
What most people do not know is that the rift between us did not keep us estranged; we spoke often, and communicated on a wide variety of family and political issues. We laughed, we joked.
Below is the press release we sent out dealing with these issues.

Thank you for your kindness at this time of grief.
Randall Terry


Jamiel Terry, son of Pro-life Leader Randall Terry, Killed in Car Crash.
On November 30, at 7:00 A.M., Jamiel Terry, age 31, was killed in a head on collision in Lilburn, Georgia. Gwinnett police spokesman Jake Smith said that the three passengers in the other vehicle were hospitalized with injuries that were not life threatening. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined.
Jamiel Terry was the adopted son of Operation Rescue Founder, Randall Terry, who is currently in the Democratic Primary for President for 2012.
Jamiel Terry and his younger sister were adopted by Mr. Terry and his first wife in 1994, after being in foster care with the Terry’s since 1988.
In 2006, Jamiel Terry made national headlines with his announcement that he was a practicing homosexual, and began to promote homosexual marriage. Randall Terry has long been engaged in high profile political efforts to defeat the attempt to legalize homosexual marriage.
The rift between Jamiel and Randall Terry was widely exploited and at times misrepresented in print and on TV. However, Randall and Jamiel maintained frequent contact, and were “working through their issues” as Jamiel would say.
Mr. Terry states:
“We are all in a state of shock, and unthinkable grief. I loved him dearly; we all did.
“Jamiel had a brilliant mind, and was a gentle soul. And as anyone knows who has spent time with him, he was funny, articulate, and a formidable debater on many topics.
“I thank God that Jamiel and I spoke regularly, and texted each other about a wide variety issues, frequently discussing and debating elections, politics and policy, to which we have both dedicated our time and talents.
“While we remained irreconcilable on the issue of ‘homosexual marriage,’ Jamiel remained firmly pro-life, and recently helped convince a young woman to not kill her child by abortion. There were many other issues that we kicked around – with laughter and good humor.
“We had recently agreed to hold joint speaking events at colleges and other venues, to discuss and debate the issues that are dear to us as a ‘father and son’ lecture team. I wish to God we had been able to do even one of them.
“We beg you for your prayers for our family, and beg you to pray for the mercy of God, and the eternal rest of Jamiel's soul. He will be sorely missed. We still cannot believe this is happening. God have mercy; Christ have mercy.”
In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes gifts for a headstone for Jamiel Terry’s grave. (Click here.)
Funeral Schedule:
Friday, December 2, 2011, 7-9 P.M., calling hours.
Tom M. Wages Funeral Service
120 Scenic Highway 
Lawrenceville, GA 30046                           
Saturday, December 3, Funeral Mass, 10 A.M.
St. Lawrence Catholic Church
319 Grayson Highway 
Lawrenceville GA 30046
Jamiel Terry’s body will be flown to Rochester New York for burial. A Service will be held next week in Rochester before the burial on Wednesday, December 7. Details will be announced.

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