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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


George Offerman
I always knew Obama suffered from delusions of grandeur, but it went way over the line when Drudge revealed a section of taping done by 60 minutes that  Obama believes he is the fourth best president in the history of this country because of what he ‘accomplished’ in his first two years of his presidency.  The three presidents he listed as being ‘better ‘than him in his first two years is: LBJ, FDR, and Lincoln.  In at least two of these cases, Obama has compared himself to two of the most profligate socialists/fascists in our nation’s history.  Some have gripes with Lincoln, but this being said, Obama thinks he superseded presidents such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Jackson, Buchannan, Teddy Roosevelt, Truman, and JFK.
It is interesting that 60 minutes decided to edit this remark out of their program, as they in their own liberal slant, understood it would never pass the stink test.  It is so unbelievable that this clown believes he has the moral ground to even make such a claim, and that the is so delusional that he would believe this himself and believe others who put any thought into this insane assertion would follow Barack ‘Insane’ Obama into this delusion and back him up.  Unfortunately, a large minority will do exactly this, and demonstrate to the rest of the country, and world for that matter, how nuts they really are.   And this man is likely to be reelected and will only continue in his insane ways the eventual takeover and enslavement of this country.
The insanity of this assertion goes beyond reason.  Anyone stupid enough to believe this really has no right to be able to vote in the next election.  But because there is no litmus test given, many uninformed and delusional voters will go into this election and vote based upon their very deluded thoughts that this clown will give them more ‘goodies’ from the ‘rich’ one percent, and not give a rip about the future of this country and what is right and moral, and openly assist this@$$hole in the continuation of destroying the once greatest nation ever to be on this planet.  Again, their lack of knowledge is purely the reason they will sign their own death warrants and this will occur before this idiot completes his second term.
What a sad time this is for our country.  Things will not get better as long as we have an ignorant and willfully stupid electorate that does not give a rip about anything other than what they will get out of the next elected bunch of fools.  Little do they realize that the party will soon come to an end, and the joke will be upon them.  The government these people think gives a rip about them will betray them in ways that are beyond imagination at this point, but will soon manifest themselves soon enough, and be much harsher than anyone can write about at this time.  But coming it is, and nasty and horrible it will also be.  The question is, do you see this coming, and are you preparing for it?
In the meantime, are we doing everything in our power to change this outcome or to educate our fellow citizens on this horror?  I know too many who don’t care enough to even educate themselves on the matter, yet even attempt to educate others on this.  It is extremely unfortunate that we will be caught ‘off-guard’ when TSHTF and will be crying foul when we don’t have the necessary precautions in place for what is to happen.  WE have a supposed leader who is taking rights away at a faster rate than any of the most communistic regimes in world history, yet people could care less and are spending more time worrying about the upcoming Christmas season to give a rip about these matters.  What are we going to do if things go south right after the New Year?
We have the ability to finally get rid of this foreign born occupier of the White House.  We finally have the ability to make right what went wrong four years ago.  Do we have the ability or knowledge and fortitude to do so?  Or will this turn out to be one more very historical blunder that many will look at years from now and state’ what were these fools thinking?”    We will see soon enough, and we will also see if we are too late to turn things around, or if we will come to an understanding we need to bow in front of the Living God and ask for His forgiveness and approach with humble and contrite hearts.

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