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Monday, December 12, 2011


George Offerman

With Randall Terry running for the presidency on the Democratic ticket, it will allow the pro-lifers to run graphic ads that will make the pro deathers look at their handiwork.  It will also leave the Republicans alone to address the other issues that many are seeing as more important than the pro-life stance.  But one thing is for sure: the graphic ads will run as created, without editing, and it will be the ultimate litmus test of those claiming to be pro-life, and ‘sincerely’ want to see an end to this holocaust.  It will show once again, who is truly pretentious in their word, or if they really mean what they say by wanting legalized child killing to end.
We are hearing the same old diatribe from many in the pro-life camp: Randall Terry is up to his ‘showboating, attention seeking behaviors’ and they use this as an excuse to not support this effort, that ultimately shows the horrific nature of legalized child killing.  Yet these same groups will put forth their mediocre efforts, sanitized language and ads, soft-pedal the message, and hide behind ‘tolerant’ and lukewarm stances, and raise millions for doing little to nothing as far as making any real headway in ending legalized child killing.  Most of these charlatan groups will spend more time in bed with the enemy than living their faith, and act as if they have forever in which to change the laws of this country and will do it without a bloody and messy fight.
Many of these people have disputed my allegations over the past two years, but the majority have still not come forth and endorsed either Randall Terry in this election cycle or Missy Smith in 2010.  The majority of these people were too busy condemning Ms. Smith’s efforts and too busy personally attacking Randall Terry and continued on ‘bitching’ about how their efforts were ‘iced out’ by the MSM.  (Interestingly enough, these people did exactly to Randall Terry and Missy Smith what they allege the MSM did to them).  They hypocrisy is dripping and it is so apparent these so called pro-life groups are more interested in their own wellbeing and continued existence than doing the right thing, and taking advantage of this opportunity to show the killing fields directly and unedited by the criminal syndicate MSM.
It seems many of these pro-life groups do not understand the urgency and the times we live in.  It is becoming more apparent by the day that the clock is running out on our opportunity to effect change and the wages of our sins of omission are soon to be paid.  Too many of these groups are stuck in their petty ways and bickering over little nothings than getting into the field of battle and taking the fight to the enemies of life.  It seems most want the glory for themselves and their organizations in order to maximize their fund raising and to be well thought of by the enemy, who is grateful these weaklings do little to threaten an ending to the killing fields.    
It is time to challenge these people and groups to put their money where their mouth is.  It’s time to do a real gut check and determine whether the word of the Living God is true, or if it is myth.  It is time to fight like it really matters and that we really believe those in the womb deserve life as much as we do.  It is time to put aside the petty bickering and differences, and support these ads and candidacy of Randall Terry regardless of personal differences and philosophies.  All of the people criticizing Randall Terry are not coming forward and taking the personal risk that Mr. Terry is, but seem very content and smug in their beliefs that they will criticize this effort.  If true, then get your mediocre and scared rear end out there and make the moves Mr. Terry is doing.  If those being critical will not put up, then at least have enough integrity to shut up. 

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