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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


George Offerman

One doesn’t have to go far into speculation in order to see the future for those who stand up for life and by extension, hold to their Christian values.  We already know that Obama has put many different types of people on his watch lists, and these include ‘one issue’ folks, such as pro-lifers, second amendment advocates, Ron Paul supporters, ex-military and those belonging to Oath Keepers, as well as those who promote Christianity and fight against issues such as forcing Homosexual marriage and sex education down the throats of those who have a right to follow their conscious and reject the God/State in attempting to re-engineer reality.
An avid pro-lifer and good friend of mine, Dick Retta, is currently being charged for assault, and the Justice Department is using the FACE law ( Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances act) to prosecute this 80 year old man for the horrific crime of…. Handing out literature and encouraging women to reconsider killing their child and offering alternative services.  For this heinous crime against humanity, Eric Holder and his band of thugs are looking to impose at LEAST a $25,000 fine and the possibility of going to jail for some time.  And despite some pressure by outside sources for dropping these ridiculous charges, Eric the ‘gun runner’ Holder is having none of it.
Dick Retta has been in front of the Planned Parenthood site in Washington D.C for as long as I have known him, and this goes back nearly 15 years.  Mr. Retta is one of the most mild mannered individuals I have had the pleasure of working with, and to put him on par with drug runners, gun runners and all of the other human vermin running around is one of the gravest injustices that can occur.  However, according to Obamination and Gun-runner Holder, Christians are at the top of the list when they think of ‘terrorism’.  It appears in Obamination’s world, gun running and sending African American thugs to scare away white voters is no big deal (At least in Chicago) But God forbid, someone trying to save lives is seen as the terrorist.  Mr. Retta, maybe you should have offered to shoot the babies, and you might have walked.
We then have the case of Peter D’Attilio who was simply handing out 2 inch wide pro-life ‘book markers’ at a public gathering at a local Catholic church in Massachusetts when, after a complaint, was accosted by two police officers.  During this affair, one of the police officers accused Mr. D’Attilio of having outstanding warrants out on him (despite the officer having any idea who Mr. D’Attilio was at that moment, and had Mr. D’Attilio handcuffed, had his car illegally searched looking for ‘bombs’ and had Mr. D’Attilio charged with assault on a police officer, amongst other charges, and then proceeded to beat Mr. D’Attilio after handcuffing him, when there was no need to do so.
Read the account in link below:

We can already begin to see, by the examples of abuse by the government and its representatives that sympathy for our cause and our beliefs is at an all-time low.  When we can have our government participate in Gun Running and virtually ignore gross violations of civil rights by a protected group onto the ‘dominant’ group, we have a situation in which lawlessness prevails and we will now fall into tyranny by the few against the majority.  It is happening right in front of us, and there is no deniability and no’ conspiracy theory’ in these matters.  We need to only open our eyes and see what is right in front of our faces.
We have already seen the passage of laws in the past week that allows for the military to detain indefinitely any ‘domestic terrorist’ from the homeland for an indefinite amount of time, while denying these people habeas corpus rights, and even allowing for torture and/or execution without trial.  We have also seen how the government wants to have the authority to shut down any internet site on the pretenses of ‘piracy’ and thus, be able to control the free flow of information that would allow supposed free Americans the right and the ability to keep tabs on happenings by our government and other official governing bodies.  It would seem that it is more about the crony government that does not want to be ‘outed’ than it is the phony charges of the phantom ‘terrorist’ this crony government would like us to believe.
We need to be very vigilant concerning the nature of charges brought against those in our society that is suspect at best, and criminal at worst.  The cases of both pro-lifers discussed above seems to demonstrate how our government has way over stepped their boundaries, and has become out of control concerning it’s seemingly blood thirsty ways of taking out any citizens who dare ‘cross the line’ or question the ever ‘god like’ stance these sociopaths dictate.  This government is getting more out of control and insane as we speak, and unfortunately, these lunatics have an army behind their efforts, and the show of force is what is keeping most in check.  However, this condition is temporary, and these sociopaths better watch their steps, hence they step over the line, and find they get their own methods getting thrust back into their faces.

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