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Saturday, December 31, 2011


George Offerman

In thinking about this past year, the first thought that enters my head is ”Thank God we made it through another year”.  The next thought is how many things happened that should have been easy to see a year ago that ended up shrouded from plain view, as well as events that seemed to be nearly a sure thing that did not occur.  That’s what makes predicting the future so difficult: it is mainly guess work and luck.  But that doesn’t stop anyone from doing it, and I will again be prognosticating what I think 2012 will look like.  But it is important to review and see where we’ve been and what we may need to do for the following year.
On the pro-life front, unfortunately, we made little headway.  Although we may claim to be a majority in this country, we are moving more towards a culture of death than towards life, and the miniscule progress is not enough to stem the tide of the dominant social theme of ‘me first’.  The vast majority of people, who identify themselves as prolife, are not in the active phase of changing this culture.  I go to the killing fields ever Saturday and every time I’m there, our side is outnumbered by the deathscorts by at least 2:1 ratio.  There are times I am by myself, such as last week, and it leaves me wondering how in an area of 6 million people I can be one of the few who is willing to get out of bed and be inconvenienced in trying to save my unborn brothers and sisters.  It is very frustrating and leaves me wondering how strong the belief is in those who are pro-life.
We have a declared candidate, Randall Terry, who is running against Obama on the Democratic ticket, and so far, this has generated little interest in the pro-life movement.  There again, is an opportunity to fund unedited and powerful pro-life messages, and the vast majority of pro-lifers seems to be stuck in mediocre mode, and is not actively helping by either putting the word out or funding this effort.  Mr. Terry announced his candidacy at last year’s March for Life, and we have had a full year to make waves.  If this past year is any indicator of things to come, then next year is going to bring about ‘more of the same’ and we will be much closer to that abyss and most likely will fall over.
***note*** legalized child killing will be entering its 40th year on January 22.  40 years has great significance in Biblical times, and many I have spoken to believe this year very well may be it if we don’t turn things around.  I will be writing more extensively on this topic soon.
Economically, we have been through turbulent times that really are the beginnings of the end of the economic system we have grown up with and are used to.  Europe has teetered on the brink several times over the past year, and the bailouts had become more frequent and larger over the past few months, and seem to only increase in this frequency and amounts.  Our own country has seen an increase in unemployment, those depending upon welfare and government assistance, and a huge decrease in tax revenue, and these three forces are increasing the deficit in a geometric progression, and there is no hope this condition will be reversed in the current system.
Politically, the Obamination administration has worked actively to control the internet, and has signed into law the most draconian law that allows for the indefinite detention of any American on the pretense of being a ‘terrorist’.  As conditions deteriorate, Obamination and his thug government will not hesitate whatsoever to use this now ‘legal’ status to begin purging those who disagree with him and the rogue government, and we most likely will see the first signs of outright persecution of Christians and others who hold to traditional beliefs and hold political views similar to those of our Founding Fathers.
This past year has been unbelievable in its escalation of things bad.  There are many who now wonder if it is even possible to turn things around, or if we are now at a point in history that we will need to start over fresh.  If next year is anything like this year, we had better watch out, and be ready for anything. 

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