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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


George Offerman

Unbeknownst to the majority of Americans, there is a bill going through Congress, and will be voted on by the end of this week.  This bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, is giving the military ultimate authority in domestic affairs, effectively eliminating posse comitatus which disallows the military to take police action in domestic affairs and habeus corpus, which allows due process and requires charges and a fair and speedy trial for any American citizen accused or charged with a crime.  The section of the NDAA that is under the greatest dispute is section 1031, which allows for any American citizen ‘suspected’ of ‘terrorism’ to be held indefinitely and without charge by the military in any manner they choose, which can include torture and possible execution.
The great statesman and relentless pro-life advocate Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina boldly declared that “The homeland is part of the active battlefield and must be protected from both enemies abroad as well as domestic”.  It is appalling that Mr. Graham would ever agree with the evil Obama regime and collude with the idea that American citizens should be subject to any suspicion or speculation based up on the Obama regime’s idea of what constitutes a terrorist.  We have already seen what Obama thinks concerning ‘terrorism’ by the fact he has NEVER referred to his Muslim brothers as terrorists, but only to white conservative Christians, and those who are ‘one issue’ advocates, such as pro-lifers, second amendment supporters and Ron Paul supporters.
The traitor, Senator Carl Levin from Michigan is trying to pedal the BS that Obama asked for section 1031 to be removed from the bill, and threatened to veto the bill if the language is included.   The fact of the matter is that the Obama regime asked for this language, and is simply posturing and lying about the veto in order to get the bill through, and allow the cowardly Senators and Congressmen to vote for it and look tough on ‘terrorism’, while believing the pathological liar Obama will actually keep his word and veto it.  We will only find out to our dismay that Obama will sign it, and we will find out to our chagrin that it will be used against us, as most ‘promises’ have been broken by this foreign imposter.
In the meantime, the question on the table is, will we allow our rogue government to continue taking our rights away, as if they are God and have the right to determine what we can and cannot do?  Or how we are to live or ultimately how we die?  Do we really believe, as a supposed free people, that these sociopaths are more qualified to tell us how to run our lives?  These things have been discussed by many people over several years, and the main response by the majority is “that would never happen; our government would never do that”.   Yet here we are, and the government is doing exactly what we have been warned about, and most don’t even care enough to shut the television off and make a few phone calls or send emails.
I fear we are at the end concerning our country.  We already know, and would have to be absolutely brain dead to not see where this is going.  The rogue government has hijacked our country, and is passing laws by the day that are absolutely gutting the constitution and taking away any freedoms to resist.  Terrorism according to people like Senator Graham and OBAMA is anyone who questions what these ‘gods’ say and think and punishment will be severe, and possibly indefinite until death.  This is a real crappy deal for the supposedly ‘freest country on the planet’.  We will soon find out, and it most likely will not go the way we want or even can imagine at this time.  Call your representatives and demand they renounce and vote against NDAA, especially section 1031

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