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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


George Offerman

Now, it seems in ‘the name of law and order” one of the most lawless and chaotic regimes in U.S. history wants to pull the plug on the internet under the aegis of ‘piracy protection’.  It seems these sociopathic fascists are not content with owning the financial, political and religious systems, but they want to cut off one of the truly free and last frontiers we have left to combat their power and to get real and truthful information without having to go through the powers that be censorship.  It is the same old tired excuse with the same old playbook of scare tactics to corral as many of the sheeple as they can.
The “Stop Online Piracy Act”, or SOPA, would give the federal government through the Department of Justice the ‘authority’ to shut down any website and accuse any site linking with as co-conspirators, simply on hearsay, or simply because the DOJ or other government body does not like the content of the site.  This bill would allow the total bypass of due process, and will have a significantly chilling effect on the internet and dissemination of needed information.  In essence, it will justify and give to the Federal Government justification to kill the internet for any reason of its choosing.
As we have seen recently, the government under Obama has been ever increasing its tentacles into our freedoms and utilizing scare tactics to get votes from the brainless representatives and minimal response from the attention deficit populace that will be the ultimate recipient of this repealing of freedom.  It seems that very few understand the implications of this far reaching and ridiculous grab at censoring one of the greatest advances in technology the world has ever seen.  The real truth of the matter is that the internet allows for people to get the unabridged truth and is actually challenged to think for themselves, something the mindless public school systems have failed to do for the past 40 + years.
 It seems this government continues to play their one trick pony to the nausea level.  Everything nowadays from them is tied into ‘terrorism’ and the majority still jump as high when this nonsense is pedaled s reality.  The only ‘terrorism’ that occurs on a regular basis is that of the governments constant whining about how there is a jihadist around every corner, behind every bush, and in every other seat on an airplane.  It’s total BS and is only given credence by the compliant MSM, and in the brain void heads of people like Senator Lindsay Graham and others who believe the average American has nothing better to do than plan the overthrow of these incompetent idiots currently holding office.
It will be a sad day if this law passes, and in the name of ‘piracy’ or ‘terrorism’ sites are shut down on a whim, and the owners of the sites end up either being sued into the poor house, or eventually jailed in one of the soon to be ‘relocation camps’ being set up by FEMA and to be run by our own military.  These events are moving too quickly, and the government is taking liberties from us that are God given, not Obama given.  We don’t need their ‘guidance’ permission or blessing to live as free men.  And part of being a free man is to get the best information available, without censorship, and without some busybody bureaucrat telling us what is good for us.  It’s time to take our freedoms back.

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