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Friday, November 20, 2009


George Offerman

I could hardly sleep last night thinking about the recent discovery of gold plated tungsten bars by the Chinese (of all the countries, why them?) This event has such wide implications that it would take the most brilliant mind to comprehend the differing angles and outcomes soon to follow. These people have nuclear weapons and an ability to come collecting on their debt. What in the world are the banksters and money powers thinking?

I had written in a previous post that I believe the money powers are a bunch of incompetent inbred idiots, and it seems this description is very accurate. People will be debating forever that the money powers orchestrated this move, and that it was in the works for years. It seems that may be giving them way more credit than they deserve. Greed is a powerful emotion, and often blinds those that succumb to it. I believe more than anything, that they thought they were going to get away with this, and never dreamed that the Chinese would actually assay their gold. It really is no different than the bond markets, in which the U.S. Treasury simply ‘renews’ the money into new Treasury notes, and does not actually pay back the principle to the holder.

The upcoming delivery month for the CRIMEX will be very interesting. I will be referring to the COMEX as CRIMEX from now on, as this crime in progress is not being investigated, nor ended by the supposed governing agency Commodity Futures Trading Commission or CFTC. Default on paper products is fairly easy to cover up. How can we explain to the Chinese that we ‘accidentally’ sent light bulb metal instead of gold? How stupid does the CRIMEX think the Chinese are? Are they really that arrogant that they can send over phony metal, and think they can get away with it?

Gold ‘bricks’ are 400 oz. each, and if it is true that Bill ‘slick Willie” Clinton had the tungsten bars made up, the whole hoard of U.S. supplies would have been replaced by this phony metal, and Fort Knox would have actually had more ‘gold’ in it after Clinton left office than before he entered. The alleged amount of gold at Fort Knox, is supposed to be in the vicinity of 270 million, and the fake bars would have come up to 400 million oz., showing a net increase of over 40 percent for Clinton’s tenure. Quite a boast for the slick meister, and not surprising given his sociopathic tendencies.

It is now only a matter of time before this mess unravels, and it will be very ugly and harmful. It is unfortunate we are entering our wintertime here, and we may need to be prepared for some rough times, and may need to leave our lives as we know it behind. Again, this may seem to be alarmist or sensationalist, but the repercussions of this action need some immediate relief, and unfortunately, we as a country are not in the position to take care of this, and the money powers would rather have us gone anyway.

I cannot make a better case for those reading this to get some precious metals. The time is very short, and if this information does not motivate you to act, then you may need to check yourself for a body temperature and a pulse. Time is of the essence and it appears it is very short, at least economically. Do something for yourself and your family before the option is taken away.

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