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Thursday, November 5, 2009


George Offerman

Steve Ertelt started lifenews.com in 2008 with the pledge to report the pro life news around the country and world. Another purported goal, as stated in his latest update on the pledge drive and 10 points to expand lifenews.com, is the ‘education’ of people as the main engine of change. It seems that Mr. Ertelt is reporting the pro life ‘news’ consistently as his mission statement below reflects:

“Thank you for your help and please understand that we don't seek your support for our own glory or accolades. This is an effort with the SOLE GOAL of educating more people against abortion than the other side does for it and getting as much information in the hands of pro-life people as possible so they can make a difference in their nation, state or community.” (Caps added)

Steve, are you aware that you have not covered in any of your stories, the major protests and arrests at Notre Dame? Or at the Sotomayor hearings? Or the disruptions at the town hall meetings? Or the disruptions of Obama at many of his major speeches? Or the capitol with Randall Terry’s group? Are you aware that the very liberal and secular press, lead by CNN, have given almost non stop coverage of all of these events? Where is your coverage of these events?

Steve, are you aware of how immoral laws are changed in this country? It is not through virtual signature petitions, trying to ‘understand’ the opposition and cutting deals, through education (as you have claimed) and changing hearts. It is through words, actions and images that disrupt and challenge commonly held beliefs to their core. When you pick and choose what is newsworthy and what is not, you in essence are making judgments based on your understanding of the process, and you have made it clear it is education, not confrontation.

36 years, 50 + million dead and no end in sight, and you want to continue the same losing strategy that has emasculated this movement. Steve, you are in serious need of education yourself, education pertaining to winning this battle totally and unconditionally. By virtue that you continue to ignore the essential battlefields that have brought legalized child killing to the front and center of the national debate, you show your ‘lack of education’ on what to do, when to fight, and what field of battle to focus on. This is very apparent in your lack of support, and ‘chastisement’ of the men in Nevada, who are trying to bring legalized child killing to the forefront in this state.

I, in good consciousness, cannot support or promote your site until you get with the program, and at least begin to report these stories on par with the likes of CNN. When a secular organization can do better than an outlet that promotes itself as the ‘leader’ in the cause, it shows poor leadership. Steve, the SOLE GOAL of the pro life movement is to: END LEGALIZED CHILD KILLING FROM CONCEPTION TO BIRTH. Period. No one polled slave owners about their “education level’, or ‘changed hearts’; they made slavery illegal. The same can be said for child labor, women’s suffrage, civil rights, and our own American Revolution.

I cannot and will not be part of any organization, no matter what they call themselves and what they claim to stand for, if they do not want to engage in the battle and treat this issue for what it is: life and death. So Steve, I will not participate in your ten ways to help life news until you reports pro life news as it occurs, without prejudice. I will actively encourage others to take the same stand until you decide to get into the fight to win.

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