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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


George Offerman

Events, in this country as well as the world, are definitely picking up steam. As most are paying attention to peripheral issues, the real news goes nearly unnoticed and definitely under reported. We have had major moves by the money powers in the past few days that are so blatant, that they probably wouldn’t have been attempted just 2 or 3 years ago. It is amazing that so much can be done in the open, and covered up the way it is with minimal efforts.

The dollar index has been hovering between 75-77 and it was only 2 years ago that “the sky would fall” if the index went below 80. Well, here we are, going on several weeks, and not a word about it. In fact, most of the press is stating ‘the worst is over, the recession is ending” without taking into consideration the reality all around us. George Orwell would even have to be impressed with this blatant “Double speak”

The latest sales on U.S. Treasuries were abysmal and as rigged as a market can be. It was the foreign central banks that bought our “junk bonds’, and in essence, used their own printing press to augment our printing press. In other words, NOBODY BOUGHT THEM! No one reported on this.

The latest short positions on the COMEX, as large as they have ever been, as reported by Ted Butler, have failed to take down the price of gold and silver as they have in the past, and this is an especially ominous warning. Once the precious metals market gets good traction, the whole lid will be blown on this fraudulent money scheme, and there will be a lot of ticked off people. I will tell you now, before it happens, that the price of gold will go up hundreds per day and silver $10-20 per day at the height this crisis, and will more than likely overshoot by multiples what the real price ought to be before it settles down.

The biggest news, of course, are the problems on the precious metals markets between delivery problems and questionable quality of metal delivered. When one money power begins to mess with the ‘goods’ of another, trouble is right around the corner. There are some very unhappy world players out there, and it would not be a shock to anyone watching if there is a default on any of the large markets easily within the next 9-12 months. Prior to default, there will be a quick consolidation of what is left (which is very little) and like musical chairs, those left standing when the music stops are out of luck.

I am encouraging all of my pro life friends, and readers of this page (and anyone willing to listen to me) to hedge with some precious metals as soon as you can. I don’t want to sound sensationalist, but when the large players start to shaft each other, you have to take notice and act. In all the years I have been following the metals markets, the group targeted for the shafting has been the institutional and individual investors, usually buying paper products on the COMEX, and not the real metal. This is a new turn of events, and seems to indicate the only money accepted now by our trading partners and the rest of the world is God’s money, gold and silver, and the money powers are now trying to cheat their way out of this obligation.

All these years, I and others have heard the likes of Ted Butler, David Morgan and others claim ‘the sky is falling’ and it never seemed to happen. These dynamics have taken years to develop, and seemed like they would never arrive. If these men are right, we could conclude the storm has arrived and is no longer on its way. Hedge yourself as soon as you can.

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