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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


George Offerman

Virginia is on the verge of becoming a red state again, and sending a message to Barry and his gang in the White House that “All is not well in Obamaland” and that he cannot just come into this state like the ‘Messiah’ and think the election is going to turn due to his ‘overwhelming Charisma’. He and his Chicago land thugs need to understand that Washington, D.C is not Daley Plaza and they simply cannot threaten their will and ways upon us. Health care needs to go down in flames now, or we will later.

Forcing the population to pay for abortion would be very close to an act that could spark a revolution. I am not advocating violence, or for the overthrow of the government. I simply am advocating for the return to Constitutional Government that allows the people to live in the most unobstructed way possible, and to keep the fruit of their labors without being labeled greedy and having it confiscated.

Congresswoman Bachmann has taken the initiative to protest this bill, and has called for people to flood the Capitol this upcoming Thursday at noon. I am encouraging people to pray about participating in this event, and showing Congresswoman Bachmann support as she goes up against Speaker Pelosi. There are other ‘doings’ happening at the Capitol, and see www.overturnroe.com for more details.

Now onto other matters. An event came to my attention yesterday, and I am attempting to find the original source to confirm this. I am going to report it as I heard it, as the commentator that reported it is very credible. Evidently, contract gold was delivered to an unnamed entity, and it is alleged this gold was 22kt, meaning .916 pure instead of the standard 24kt and .999 pure. If true, this spells out a new tactic the money powers are engaging in, and it is also letting us know the ‘end game’ is closer than even I thought.

It is one thing to fleece an unsuspecting population by printing money and debasing it in the dark; it is a whole different matter to outright ‘steal’ gold from those who know exactly what is going on and may have the means to do something about it. This is an extremely dangerous situation on many different levels, and unfortunately, it is always the ‘unsuspecting’ population, read: us, who will pay for this. This event lets us know that there is little ‘available’ gold left, and that the hoard of gold is in very strong hands. These strong hands apparently are not too fearful of the ‘screwing’ they just subjected this unnamed entity to, but it definitely suggests that those who have not obtained any precious metals to hedge against the very near dark times have a very small opportunity to do something about it.

My understanding is the availability of silver and gold is tight, and many orders, even of a nominal size, are backlogged. My sources are telling me that any hint of a shortage or tightness in the market would send the price to ‘the moon’ and would then set off a chain of events that could be catastrophic in nature. It appears this tightness, bantered about for years amongst the gold bugs, may finally be here. If the shortage hits before one’s order is delivered, good luck getting the metal.

The money powers continue to consolidate the precious metals markets, and are managing to get what little is left. The Barclay’s I-Share silver ETF has changed hands recently and JPMorgan Chase is the custodian of the now 300,000,000 ounces of silver. This is almost 3 times the size of the COMEX holdings, once considered the largest physical stockpile of silver. For those who don’t know, the Chase piece of JPMorgan, used to be Chase Manhattan bank, owned mainly by the Rockefeller family. The Rockefeller family now has ‘custody’ of the largest known stockpiles of silver on the planet, and the next ‘monetary crisis’ to occur will result in the holders of I-Share stocks accepting paper settlements instead of accessing the metals they thought they purchased.

The Rockefellers, being one of the primary share holder of the Federal Reserve, will simply ‘back up the truck’ and pay off all the I-Share holders from their private printing franchise, and will have the gall to charge the taxpayers for their outright thievery of this silver. This is on top of using all of the share holders to purchase the silver in the first place. Rockefeller learned from Warren Buffett well, as when Buffett purchased his 130,000,000 oz, he caused the markets to move, and thus showed, one buyer creates attention when purchasing a majority of a market’s product. These people will stop at nothing when it comes to taking resources from others, and then rationing them to their benefit.

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