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Monday, November 23, 2009



George Offerman

Events continue to get ‘hot’ on the money front, as China is pushing for a new world currency. It seems they have had it with the ‘shenanigans’ of our banking system, and have little need to make light bulbs from all the tungsten recently delivered. The major money powers are Anglo European and it is unknown how much influence over the East they have, but it looks like that question will be answered soon enough. It is very clear though, that China will get its gold, one way or another.

I don’t know if the readers have been paying attention to the precious metals markets, but they are beginning to move up many percentages points per week, and is in alignment with several prognosticators, that China’s strategy was to do this. The shorts on the CRIMEX are unable to control the prices as they have been for the last few decades, and all of the warnings by Ted Butler and company over the same amount of time appear to be on the horizon. It is time to get into the metals if you can find any.


Again, I cannot stress the importance of watching what the money powers are doing, because it will directly affect our lives to the core, and determine what our future will be like. If we end up in a hyperinflationary spiral (the most likely outcome) our money and savings will become useless and the comfort and convenience we have been used to will end. It will definitely force us into a much simpler lifestyle, and most likely will return to a more basic bartering system, and ‘cash and carry’ way of life.

The Senate is now getting ready to debate the hell scare bill, and more than likely, will pass it. It looks like child killing will be a piece of this and it will then boil down to what one really believes: do we pay taxes and become accomplices to this, or defy this ungodly system, and end up placing our liberty in jeopardy? Either way, we are looking at an event that requires a decision, and will begin the process of weeding out the ‘pretenders’ in Christianity.

Events continue to move at an alarmingly fast pace, and it is becoming very difficult to keep up with them. I could easily write five or more entries per day on just the few topics I generally write about, and still only scratch the surface of the issues. Our world is in major change, and still, many are in denial and want to believe it is more the ‘conspiracy theorist’ who is making it out to be more than it is. Our way of life will be very different in the next 18-24 months, ready or not. There is too much going on to take a passive stand and pretend everything will be alright.

Economically, we are seeing an end to our currency, and many things we take for granted will not be available (especially if it is made in China). Soon, health care will follow, and it will only be when it is too late that the majority will find out they are pretty much on their own. When others are in the position to make decisions for you, they don’t have your best interest in mind. Whether this is money related, as in social insecurity, mediscare or other government unfunded liabilities, others will determine what it is we are able to do, and how much money we will get as we are no longer able to produce for the plantation owners.

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