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Friday, November 6, 2009


George Offerman

Life news again, ‘iced’ out the protests at the Capitol yesterday. I listened to talk radio yesterday, and the front and center of the discussion were the arrests at the Capitol, and Life news virtually ignored it. Steve, what is your deal? Do you not get the war we are in, and what we need to do to win? We have the largest opportunity in years to make significant headway, and you drop the ball. If you really want to ‘educate’ the pro life troops, and help energize the base, then report the substantial battles.

Steve, you will not be taken seriously in your mission when virtually all of the liberal media, and most of the conservative talk radio media covered this extensively. Do you really believe the ‘softballs’ you are throwing will make any difference in changing the laws? How are you energizing or educating the base by neglecting the most talked about events in the pro life movement in the past decade? I really cannot figure out the deliberate snubbing on your part, and find it disconcerting that you want to promote your site in the way that you do. I don’t think you really know what it takes to win a battle like overturning legalized child killing, and promoting a site that is going to pitch softballs is not something in the cards for the warriors on the ground.

Steve, we don’t have the luxury of time to play ‘tiddlywinks’ with this evil, and playing by the rules of the enemy is colluding with the enemy. You really are doing the pro life movement a disservice by the lack of reporting of the front line events, and will ultimately dissuade other warriors from joining. If your goal is to cultivate support amongst the ‘kitchen’ Christians, you are doing a bang up job. Yes, unity is important, but unity in error simply to get along with the ones who are promoting the killing of unborn children is a subtle evil, but an evil nonetheless.

Steve, as a fellow Christian, I am making a pledge to you that I will continue to point out these blatant omissions until you correct them. The other side takes no prisoners, and it’s high time you learn to do the same. When Godless news outlets can ‘outperform’ a supposed ‘friendly to the cause’ news site like your own, it’s time to reevaluate your mission and determine what you need to do to correct this situation. I will continue to pray for you, but I WILL NOT promote your site.


Sometime this weekend, Nancy Pelosi will attempt to corral enough votes to pass a bill that will change our Republic forever. It will allow for the greatest takeover of a private sector by a government ever seen in this country. It is interesting that speaker Pelosi somehow thinks she and her cronies will somehow do a better job of running healthcare than those in the field. If we look at how she runs the congress, and how she dealt with Fr. Weslin yesterday, we could expect the mob to do a better job.

I hope for everyone’s sake, that the majority will stay relatively healthy and not need to get involved in the soon to be rationed care. The only good news (if there is any) is it will stop some of the abuses going on in health care, because the misery will be spread equally to all now, and very few will be able to access good healthcare soon. So there will be more incentive to take care of oneself, and be way more proactive in one’s decisions concerning unhealthy lifestyles.

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