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Monday, November 9, 2009


George Offerman

Now that Speaker Pelosi has her way with the country, what is next for us on the ‘plantation”? It is so ironic that the democrats, claiming to be the ‘party for the people’ have just passed a version of their view of healthcare that is punitive to the ‘little guy’ in almost every conceivable way. The bill now goes on to the Senate, where Senator Lindsay Graham has declared it to be “Dead on arrival”.

So far, in the house version, there are several riders that mandate coverage, and those who decide for whatever reason to want to opt out of health care will be subjected to at least fines, if not jail. (Is this not the same party that believes abortion is the 11th commandment, and advocates for rights over one’s own body?). There have also been statements made by other democrats after the bill passed that now “all Americans will have affordable health care, while some of the same elected officials and pundits noted the ‘public option’ would be more expensive than private offerings.

Only in Washington, can such ‘double speak’ prevail and be taken seriously. We now are on the verge of seeing massive rationing of care, bureaucrats now deciding who gets care and for what, and will see the costs at least double over the next 10 years. The passage of this bill has proven true the old Washington adage: “If it ain’t broke, keep messing with it until it is”.

I work for an insurance company that provides care directly, instead of through referrals. This particular company is seen as being on the ‘cutting edge’ of treatment, and I can say first hand that at least in the mental health arena, we are beginning to see changes in the delivery of services that is not necessarily optimistic and getting somewhat more ‘selective’ in who may access it. Most of my friends are in the healthcare arena, and most of them do not like what is happening, and more than several have participated in opposing this system created by Pelosi and co.

It is amazing to me that politicians do not like outsiders running for office, and claim they ‘don’t know the inner workings of Washington D.C. or politics, but somehow now think they know how to manage healthcare better than those of us who have dedicated our lives to this. Only in the world of Washington double speak does this make sense. Those of us in the know understand clearly rationing is ‘a done deal’ and those who have no clue, and should stay out of our professions, will now be telling us how to do our jobs. Bad things are on their way.

My hope and prayers are that the Senate somehow finds some sanity and kills this monstrosity. I don’t know if they have the courage to do this, but one can hope. We definitely are beginning to reap what we sow. We have not protected the most vulnerable in our society for the past 36 years, now we ourselves will have others making decisions over our bodies that will be for the benefit of the state. There is a bitter irony to this, but definitely justified. Our convenience and comfort, in ‘minding our own business’ has come a full circle. Now, who will stand up for us?

On another note, I will not have much access to a computer for the next week, so there may be a lull in postings. So, keep up the faith, and thanks for checking in.

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