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Thursday, November 18, 2010


George Offerman

The signs are everywhere that common sense, the troubadour of truth and honesty is dead in this country. It can be seen from the simple ‘you need three picture id’s’ to access the most mundane personal information, to the now very questionable ‘pat down’ of toddlers that is essentially legalized child molesting, to a growing minority of Americans that believe Marriage is irrelevant, to ultimately, those believing legalized child killing is ok because it’s ‘legal, and the law of the land’. Through simple observation, it can be verified that we have become a nation of idiots, lead by even bigger idiots that we are too stupid to throw out of power.

It seems with the death of common sense runs the theme of not being able to recognize what is right in front of us. All hell is really on the loose in this country (to get much worse) and many in this country, lead by the talking heads, are claiming ‘we are coming out of our problems at least economically’. We have the helicopter man announcing the QE2 and the rest of the world, who seems to get it about common sense, is furious with us. They understand the highly inflationary nature of this policy, and this is coming from an organization that just recently, was selling the fears of too much inflation, now they are saying ‘we need some, it is good for us’. It doesn’t matter that we have the largest number of Americans EVER on food stamps, what’s a ‘little’ price increase on things going to hurt?

We are surrounded by liars and villains, and do not seem to understand this, or don’t care, or we may simply see that all things are relative, and a liar today can be a truth teller tomorrow. We now have some in the tea party attempting to get the new Republican majority to focus on the economic issues, and leaving the social issues on the sidelines (read abortion). This definitely flies in the face of all the pro-life organizations that claimed they lead this revolt, that this referendum is about the life issues, and they will hold these newly elected official’s ‘feet to the fire’. Well, we now get a glimpse of the real agenda, and affirmation that it was the tea party that created this revolt, and it is about economics, not the life issue.

Unfortunately, too many people will believe this lie, and they will continue to fund these organizations that are not doing what they claim, and in fact, are continuing to claim they did things that should be very obvious they had little to do with. If those in the pro-life movement want to continue with this charade, I guess it is ultimately up to them, but simply choosing to ignore what is plainly in front of one’s face does not make it the reality of the situation. Like the rest of society that wants to ignore the fact our society is in major trouble, the pro life movement is in it’s own cardiac arrest and on life support. The evidence shows over the past few years, we have lost more ground than at any other point in the 38 years of this holocaust, but it is being sold as great victory.

When one loses his ability to use common sense and see what is there, the fight is over. Too many in the pro life organizations that are selling their snake oil are finding too many willing recipients to accept this. This goes on as our nation falls more into the hellish existence of the culture of death, with its accompanying economic and moral problems following close behind. Pretending this is not going on is the worst form of denial and for some, could literally lead to death. Without understanding the fight, and attempting a fight without properly trained warriors is recipe for disaster. Are you ready for the coming trials and tribulations we brought on ourselves?

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